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Check out the vagina glitter-bomb trend that is far from OK

Please don't put glitter in your vagina

Check out the vagina glitter-bomb trend that is far from OK
The product is marketed as being something to use just before sex

We love glitter as much as the next person. However this latest trend is too far.

Pretty Woman Inc have created glitter capsules designed to be inserted into the vagina just before sex.

The retailers website suggests women don’t tell their partners.

‘It will most certainly have to be a surprise for him’ the website explains. ‘We have an equal number of men who purchase Passion Dust as gifts for their wives and girlfriends so they’re not angry about it,

‘When he looks down at his ‘Thing’ and sees it shining like it’s a 24K gold magic stick it will be weird, but he won’t be mad!…He’ll either be really impressed with himself or really impressed by you!.. until he realizes that God didn’t answer his prayers it was just you and your magical Yara.’


‘There are more harmful glitters in the lipgloss you wear or the highlighter’

Gynecologists have warned against the use of the product, saying it could lead to dangerous infections.

Dr Jen Gunter, in a post on her blog, explains ‘I’ve seen a nasty inflammatory vaginal discharge from sand so this could be a similar set up’.

She also says ‘vaginal injury and granulomas aside the point of the vaginal glitter appears to be “for him,” you know because a vagina au naturel just isn’t enough’.

Pretty Woman Inc have included a disclaimer on its website explaining: ‘The small particles of glitter could trigger an attack for people who suffer from asthma if ingested during oral sex.’

‘There are more harmful glitters, chemicals and additives in the lipgloss you wear or the highlighter on your face or eyeshadow than what is in this product. Scientifically, you have already inhaled or ingested more hazardous “glitter” and chemicals than what is in our capsules,’ they claim.

The website says the glitter is FDA approved but not whether that is for consumption or vaginal insertion.

Gay Star News has contacted Pretty Woman Inc for more information about the FDA approval.


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