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The majority of penguins living in this aquarium are gay

The majority of penguins living in this aquarium are gay

the majority of penguins in this aquarium are gay paz-arando-132661-unsplash

Over half the penguins at an Irish aquarium have picked a same-sex partner.

The Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium in Kerry confirmed that out of 15 Gentoo penguins, eight of them are in same-sex relationships.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Ocean World’s animal manager Louise Overy said: ‘We have two homosexual pairs and two lesbian ones. You cannot tell a male penguin from a female by their sexual organs so the only way we know is when we see them mating and not producing chicks.

‘The lesbian ones will take action if they feel broody. They will waddle over to a male to do what needs to be done and rear the chick with their female partner.

‘They have maternal instincts the same as humans do.’

Also, the penguins have their own, incredibly cute ways of flirting with each other.

Overy added: ‘They woo each other with stones which the other partner uses to build a nest. It’s far cheaper than diamond rings and flowers!

‘We have had a gay couple here before. Five years ago Penelope and Misty got plenty of coverage but we never expected it to catch on.’

Earlier this year two gay penguins tied the knot in England.

The ceremony took place between Ferrari and Pringle, a real-life same-sex couple.

Homosexual behavior is found in around 450 species of animal worldwide, according to studies.

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