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The most crazy things straight guys have done to not ‘seem gay’

The most crazy things straight guys have done to not ‘seem gay’

Some straight guys will do 'anything' to make it seem like they're not gay

Sometimes straight guys are so homophobic and so stupid, they will do anything to not ‘seem gay’.

Even if that means directly doing themselves damage.

Toxic masculinity comes in all forms, as demonstrated in this Reddit thread.

Friends and ex-partners all came to reveal the crazy stuff the straight dudes in their lives have done to ‘prove’ they’re a man.

Sometimes not wanting to ‘seem gay’ just begins when you’re young.

One said: ‘At a school dance it was cheaper to get in if you were a couple, I can’t remember exactly how much it was probably 10 or 20 bucks cheaper.

‘The teacher at the door was cool so even if you came with your group of guy friends he would just pair you off and charge you the cheaper price. These two jock type guys refused to be paired together and demanded they each pay their separate entrance fee.’

Straight guy thinks it’s ‘gay’ to share an umbrella

Another guy will get wet because it’s ‘gay’ to share an umbrella.

‘Two male classmates and I were on a field trip and got caught in the rain,’ one female Reddit user said.

‘I had a raincoat, and Guy1 had an umbrella. He offered to share it with the Guy2, who had no rain gear. Guy2 insisted it was gay to share an umbrella with another man. He would only use the umbrella if he carried it, while I walked under it with him and Guy1 borrowed my raincoat. This didn’t fly because:

‘A. I wasn’t about to give up my raincoat for the paltry protection lent by huddling under an umbrella, and

‘B. Guy1 would not have fit my raincoat.

‘So Guy2 got soaked.’

Other women had similar ridiculous storie from adulthood.

‘A man I was hooking up with wouldn’t wear my pink hair tie to hold his dreads back during sex…. in the dark….with just me and him in the room.’

Yes, a man who literally in the process of having sex with a woman is afraid of looking ‘gay’.

More crazy things straight guys have done to not ‘seem gay’

Here are a few more crazy ones:

  • ‘Returned a Christmas gift from his wife because he was concerned GAP stood for Gay and Proud. Almost sold his JEEP when being joking told it was renamed to cover up G.P. standing for Gay Pride.’
  • ‘Would not eat hot dogs.’
  • ‘My brother won’t eat foods that resemble semen. No mayonnaise, no yogurt or sour cream, nothing. He won’t even eat the melted frosting on a cinnabon.’
  • ‘My dad, a man of 50, refuses to wear sunscreen. “It’s for gays and women”.’
  • ‘I know a guy who’s completely given up on straight porn solely because he can see the man’s penis. I know this because he’s so incredibly vocal about watching exclusively lesbian porn sans-dildos or anything remotely phallic and that it’s gay to do otherwise.’

Are any of these guys ‘secretly gay’? Well, maybe one…

These guys are homophobes. They’re not ‘secretly gay’.

However, there was one story. This story does seem to go along with the idea of homophobes are often just hiding their secret gay feelings. It’s also a funny story.

One Reddit user said: ‘A guy I knew in college kept bashing gay people and going on about what a real man he was.

‘I told him when people try to hard like him, I just assume they’re insecure with their masculinity and gay.

‘He immediately did a 180 degree turn and went, “I’m very secure with my masculinity! In fact, I like flirting with guys and making them uncomfortable just because I’m so secure with being straight! If someone offered me a role in a gay porno, I’d even take it if there was enough in that check! I’m really secure!”

Apparently, the guy did come out as gay later in life.

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