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Romantic Gay Destinations 2019: The Trends

Romantic Gay Destinations 2019: The Trends

Spring is a season of romance. So Travel by Interest has created this very special article for couples searching for the picture-perfect destination to spend their romantic vacations!

Spring is officially here, and so is our need for vacations and relaxation. A pina colada on the beach sounds fantastic as it is, but we still have a long way to go for summer.

Well, if you ask us, spring is the perfect season to add a sprinkle of romance in your life.

Travel by Interest has devoted spring to romance and couples. We created this special article for all the love birds out there, serving you the most popular destinations around the world for romantic gay holidays.

So, call your other half and announce to them that you are going on the most romantic trip of your lives. If you pick one of the below destinations, they would never refuse!  

Romance in Spring: Pass or Smash?

No matter how you look at it, spring is the ideal season for romantic gay holidays. The weather is slowly getting warmer and most of the Mediterranean countries enjoy all-day-round sunshine.

Since it’s a low season for many destinations (except Maldives and some Asian countries), many hotels offer discounts and special packages.

Popular destinations are not overcrowded with hot men, offering you privacy, seclusion and, above all, peace of mind. These and much more make spring the best season for romantic gay holidays.

Attention: This article is allergies-free!

1 Santorini

Everything about Gay Santorini screams ‘romance’. The island’s breathtaking sunset, stunning cave-like hotels perched on a steep hill, and elegant atmosphere make it an amazing stop for couples, newlyweds and forbidden lovers.

Its perfect landscape also makes it the ideal backdrop to pop the big question.

Since too much romance can make you nauseous, a popular practice followed by gay couples is to visit Mykonos first for some fun and partying, then devote the last days of their holidays in Santorini.

Searching for some ideas on what you should do when in Santorini? Check out this article about the top 5 things to do in Santorini for gay couples.


Athina Luxury Suites

Canaves Oia Hotel

Kapari Natural Resort 

Asma Suites

Kalypso Houses 

2 Corfu, Rhodes & Crete

All Greek Islands offer something unique for romantic holidays, so it’s difficult to choose one for spring romance. On this occasion, taking a tour is the best, if not the only, option.

For your gay tour, we would recommend you visit the islands of Corfu, Rhodes & Crete. All three islands feature idyllic landscapes perfect for relaxing and celebrating your love, alongside a vivid nightlife (in case you get bored from too much cuddling).


Marbella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas, Corfu

Esperos Village Blue & Spa, Rhodes

Minos Palace Hotel & Suites, Crete

Minos Beach Art Hotel, Crete 

3 Prague

Prague’s Grand Baroque architecture, romantic cobblestone streets, and joyful bohemian vibe will make your romantic vacations seem like they were taken straight out of a Fellini film. The city boasts an LGBTI-friendly attitude, offering a vivid scene with many gay bars and clubs.

Prague caters to all types of gay travelers. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary with your husband, or you’re looking to explore your open relationship on a fun trip, Prague has you covered. For a luxurious and romantic experience, we highly recommend the hotels at Prague’s picturesque Old Town.

4 Sitges

It wouldn’t be a proper gay vacation list without mentioning Europe’s number one gay destination, Sitges. This gorgeous seaside town is a Mecca for gay travelers, couples or not, hosting countless gay events, one gay and two nudist beaches, dozens of outdoor cafes, gorgeous restaurants, 23 gay bars, 4 nightclubs, and two very busy saunas.

Even though the city is very ‘touristic’, it has managed to maintain its picture-postcard look. There are not many romantic activities to do in the destination, but it’s packed with great restaurants for fancy dinners and various museums and art galleries to discover the local culture.

5 Bali

Bali’s natural beauty and wide diversity of luxury hotels make it one of the top destinations in Indonesia for romantic holidays immersed in nature.

There are many romantic things to do on the island, but its seclusion and privacy is certainly its most important attribute for couples. Finding isolation on the island is very easy as long as you know where to look.

Your hotel will be of utmost importance as it will be the place where you will spend most of your time. Even if you are not planning to stay much in your room, a good hotel will open you up to new romantic experiences, like romantic dinners on the beach or refreshing spa sessions for two. The floating breakfast is a must-try experience as well.


Villa Bambu Indah

Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali 

6 The Algarve

Located in the super-romantic Portugal, the Algarve is a great place to celebrate your love (even if it’s mainly promoted as a family destination). Though there is not much queer about the Algarve, its gorgeous beaches and breathtaking landscapes are more than enough to convince you to spend your hassle-free, romantic holidays there.

A typical day in the Algarve for a gay couple includes relaxation at one of many gay-friendly beaches (there are some nudists as well), eating seafood and enjoying a cocktail at one of the gay bars found in Lagos, Portimao and Albufeira.


The Magnolia Hotel

7 Mallorca

Romance can be found everywhere in Mallorca, from its urban cool capital city, to its breathtaking mountains. It’s the ideal place to bask in the sun and relax with only each other’s company. Of course, it also has an abundance of places to dine, wine and woo your lover with romantic activities in nature.

The gay life of Mallorca is centered around Palma and its surrounding areas. There you will find a couple of gay bars where you can socialize with other gay couples. Don’t miss out on watching a cabaret show at Dins Sa Gabia.


Boutique Hotel Ca’s Xorc

8 Yangon

Yangon might not be the most well-known destination for gay honeymoons or any sort of gay vacations, however, it ranks well for romantic holidays in Asia. 

Only a picture of Yangon will make you realize why couples from all over the world have fallen in love with this destination. 325-foot-tall (99m) pagodas, gorgeous fields of greenery and unforgettable idyllic sunsets will mark your time there!


Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon

Still in doubt? See our special hotel collection with gorgeous hotels from all over the world displaying photos of  gay couples on their vacation and your thirst for romance will exceed its limits.

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