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The most searched ‘destinations for gay hotels’ around the world

The most searched ‘destinations for gay hotels’ around the world

Travel by Interest, the rising gay travel website that specializes in personalized hotel recommendations, has completed its research on the top gay hotel trends according to searches on Google.

The amount of searches surpassed the 1,000,000 mark last year. Keywords like ‘gay all-inclusive resorts’, ‘gay resorts for singles’, and ‘gay clothing optional resorts’ are among the top searched. This is clear proof of gay travelers’ interest in finding gay hotels for the destinations they travel to and not just gay-friendly places to stay.


Naturally, summer months from June to August have the highest number of searches, indicating summer vacations are what gay travelers crave. Men from the United States amount to 44.7% of the total searches – claiming the title of the ‘most important market’ – while the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy have a good share of the total searches as well.

As July is the peak month for gay hotel searches, Travel by Interest presents the most searched destinations for gay travelers while giving ideas and tips for your upcoming gay holidays.

Travel by Interest, a project that started as a gay travel website and later transformed into the new trending travel platform, creates amazing hotel collections and blog content for gay travelers. Read how Travel by Interest was converted from a gay travel website into the next big thing for hoteliers in a special interview that we gave for Gay Star News here!


Gay Hotels in Florida: Palm Springs, Fort Lauderdale & Key West on the spotlight!

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Palm Springs, Fort Lauderdale and Key West gather more than 15,000 average monthly searches on gay hotel-related keywords, making it obvious that the United States, and in particular, Florida, dominates the chart as the most searched destinations for gay hotels. All three destinations are known for their gay-friendly atmosphere and lively gay scene, while each one of them is home to at least to 10 gay-only hotels.

The golden-sand and turquoise water beaches and gay nightlife of Fort Lauderdale make it a hard-to-pass destination. Some of the best clothing-optional, gay resorts in the USA are found in this area, where everything is permitted and nothing is to be hidden. Some of our favorite gay-only resorts are Inn Leather, The Grand Resort & Spa, The Big Coconut Guesthouse and Cabanas Guesthouse and Spa.

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There isn’t a better place to dig into gay culture than gay Palm Springs: a melting pot of LGBTI events, awesome gay nightclubs, and luxurious gay-only resorts. Most of the resorts in Palm Springs are clothing-optional and socializing becomes super easy. 

Key West’s gay hotels seem to have piqued the interest of the global gay community. Around 30% of its 25,000 residents identify as LGBTI, so we can comfortably call it a gay mecca for vacations. Key West boasts a mix of gay hotels. Some are men-only and clothing-optional, a couple are LGBTI-mixed, and there are also a few that are both mixed and adults-only.

Other American-related gay hotel keywords include gay hotel Miami, gay hotel Las Vegas, gay hotel San Francisco, gay hotel New York City and gay hotel Chicago.


The global chart of the Gay Hotel & Resort Searches

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Of course, many European and Asian destinations (countries and cities) made their appearance during our gay hotels research; some popular and some less known. Gay hotel Berlin ranked 6th in the list with the most search keywords, gathering 1900 average searches per month, showing us how gay hotels in Germany have been developed through the years.

Right after Berlin, the next top-searched for words were gay hotel Barcelona and gay hotel London, both gathering 1600 average monthly searches. Gay life in Barcelona and gay life in London have always been sought after by LGBTI travelers, so it comes as no surprise for us. On the contrary, gay hotel Bangkok and gay hotel Amsterdam gather the same number of searches (1300 searches per month) resulting in a draw between these two powerful and, at the same time, so different destinations.

This report was generated based on Google Keyword Planner

Gay hotel Mykonos might have 880 average monthly searches, but this keyword reaches up to 2,000 searches during the summer months (June to August). Another worth Mentioning Keyword that we found is gay hotel Paris with 720 average monthly searches. 


Unexpected Destinations we found through our research

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Up until now, many of you might find the above destinations to-be-expected. And, we agree for the most part. However, these are not the only destinations that we found through our research. We found many discreet and conservative destinations through our research, which truly caught us by surprise.

The keyword, gay hotel Bali, for example, has approximately 720 average monthly searches, surpassing gay-popular keywords like gay hotel Madrid. Considering that gay life in Indonesia is not developed at all, as it’s a conservative country where homosexuality is illegal in some provinces, that’s a high amount of searches.

Another unexpected and surprising destination that we found is gay hotel Istanbul, with 260 average searches per month. The recent increase in the country’s conservatism does not seem to have affected people’s liking of the destination.

Gay hotel Taipei with 250 average monthly searches and Taiwan gay hotel with 110 average monthly searches will be surprising to many. Taiwan does not have a conservative attitude when it comes to LGBTI rights. The LGBTI community of Taiwan actually enjoys a lot of equal rights, including stepchild adoption and same-sex marriages.

Other surprising gay destinations include gay hotel Tampa with 90 average monthly searches, gay hotel Malaga with 90 average monthly searches, and gay resorts Colorado with 70 average monthly searches.

After our gay hotels report, we came to the below conclusions:

  1. 2018-2019 brought forward many alternative destinations, which were nowhere to be found the previous years.
  2. Many popular gay destinations keep going strong dominating the Gay Market in all sorts of keywords.
  3. Gay travelers are in need of more gay hotels. Even gay-popular destinations like Fort Lauderdale feature max 10 gay-only hotels.

But, it’s now time for you to tell us your opinion. Which of the above destinations did you find to be expected and which caught you by surprise? Leave us a comment and let us know which trend you would like to explore during our next article!

This article was sponsored by Travel by Interest. 

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