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The Queer Eye ‘heroes’ all met up and the pictures are breaking the internet

The Queer Eye ‘heroes’ all met up and the pictures are breaking the internet

The Queer Eye ‘heroes’, as the Fab Five calls them, all met up.

The pictures, we have to say, are incredible.

If you want to talk about the most ambitious crossover event in history, this might be it.

Queer Eye heroes all met for a party

Skyler Jay, who you might remember from the trans episode, organized the event with the help of Mama Tammye and Myles Hicks.

Ten out of the 16 participants were able to meet up at Tammye’s church reception hall.

‘Today my family grew, and I’m so thankful for that,’ Skyler said.

‘Bringing these humans together today was an absolute honor. I pride myself on being able to bring people together for a good time.

‘I must admit I was nervous throughout the planning.

‘This is definitely the most diverse group of individuals I have thrown a party for.

‘We are all so different and beautiful in our own way. Many of us probably would of never ever even been in the same room with one another prior to Queer Eye or been willing to have such an open important dialogue today, but here we are.

‘A family of different races, ages, religions, genders, and sexual orientations, all under one roof peacefully and respectfully. Just take a minute and soak up the power in that.’

He added: ‘We all enjoyed our first of many gatherings to come and even more heroes to join in the future for those who couldn’t make it today.’

Skyler said they all wanted to thank the Fab 5 for the ‘amazing experience to bond over’.

‘What a day!’

‘What a day!’ Tammye said on her Instagram.

‘I fell in love with a family of amazing people today that are in my heart forever!’

And Myles said: ‘Had the best time meeting fellow Queer Eye heroes today. Every single person I meet today were some of the most beautiful songs you will ever meet. Still smiling.’

And Sean, from the young musician episode, said: ‘Had a blast at the Queer Eye reunion.

‘It was such an honor to meet some of the other people who have had their lives touched by the Fab 5.’

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