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The Sims 4 features same-sex couple on game cover for the first time

The Sims 4 features same-sex couple on game cover for the first time

The Sims 4 cover showing a same-sex couple

The Sims 4 will feature a same-sex couple on its game cover for the first time it was announced on Friday (12 July).

EA Games announced during the July Maxis Monthly livestream that the video game will see a complete refresh. With brand new additions and aesthetic overhauls in the pipeline.

‘Krem letich!’ which is Simlish, the language of The Sims, for ‘This is great,’ is a suitable reaction here.

Bloo bagoo? [What’s up?]

Some more avid Sims fans might notice that the Sims on the box art are a little different.

The Sims 4's refreshed box art | Picture: EA Games
The Sims 4’s refreshed box art | Picture: EA Games

Moreover, these Sims are set to replace the old characters which have been frequently used in promotional material.

But one major difference between the two groups are two Sims who appear to be queer women.

The Sims Team uploaded files of all the Sims from the box art to The Gallery. A database of all things The Sims 4.

Dela Ostrow (L) and Mia Hayes are the first LGBTI couple featured on the front cover of The Sims | Picture: EA Games
Dela Ostrow (L) and Mia Hayes | Picture: EA Games

Each Sim has its own backstory, and it seems that the pair are called Dela Ostrow (left) and Mia Hayes (right):

Dela Ostrow: As a kid, Dela lived all over the world, shadowing her mum—a globally sought-after fashion photographer. That experience gave Dela an inherent sense of optimism and a deep entrepreneurial spirit. She recently launched her first fashion line, and her unique pieces and global style is starting to get press. Her girlfriend Mia—a designer in her own right—helps keep her informed of trends outside the fashion industry.

Mia Hayes: With a head for numbers, and a creative eye, Mia splits her time between freelance programmer and artist gigs. Being both a bit of an introvert, and a bit of a rebel, this independence suited her outlook in life. Mia has a unique way of attracting creative, high-energy friends like Noah, and her girlfriend Dela. They love her genuine, almost kid-like enthusiasm. She is the glue that bonds her social circles together.

This is the first time that The Sims Team has added an LGBTI couple on one of their game covers.

‘A breakthrough moment for representation’

Many queer fans of the game praised developers, as well as LGBTI groups.

Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD, voiced the group’s delight to Gay Star News about the news, while calling on more video games to follow suit.

‘The Sims franchise has been an industry leader on LGBTQ representation and this week it crossed another milestone.

‘We applaud Electronic Arts and Maxis for putting an LGBTQ couple front and center on its new, rebranded box art for The Sims 4.

‘LGBTQ players have been a major part of The Sims community from the beginning, and this recognition and visibility is important and well deserved.

‘This is a breakthrough moment for representation in the video game space, and we encourage others to step up and match this kind of visibility in their new releases and updates.’

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