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Trans people slam The Times for calling trans kids therapy an ‘experiment’

Trans people slam The Times for calling trans kids therapy an ‘experiment’

With four transphobic articles published, many have slammed UK paper The Times

Just days after a trans child was stomped on and left with a concussion, UK newspaper The Times has dropped four transphobic articles targeting trans teens.

Published today (8 April), the four pieces revolve around trans kids receiving treatments, such as puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

One piece compared treatment to a ‘live experiment’.

Another article included a quote in which treatments are compared to ‘conversion therapy for gay children.’

A further article said the ‘transgender lobby’ is ‘exploiting vulnerable young people and their families.’

What did the four pieces say?

The articles target two things: the only NHS service for trans young people available and the charities that support the children, their supportive families and guardians.

The splash of the The Times’ print edition, written by Lucy Bannerman, carried the headline ‘Calls to end transgender “experiment on children.”‘

It concerned five clinicians who resigned from the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), overseen by Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. The five suggest that trans charities, such as Mermaids, are ‘harmful.’

Moreover, they dubbed the treatments that GIDS offers as ‘harmful’; a claim the center denies.

Finally, a comment piece stated that ‘children are not small adults,’ and that the ‘off-label use of drugs’ offered by GIDS are comparable to ‘an unregulated live experiment on children.’

In February, the National Lottery Community Fund found no reason to withhold funding from Mermaids. The decision was made after a lengthy review brought on by hysteria whipped up by transphobes.

‘Relentless anti-trans propaganda’

Many have slammed The Times for running the pieces and the journalists behind them.

A trans rights supporter who wished to remain anonymous told GSN the newspaper has a ‘clear objective to destroy the trans community and trans kids [and] have a free reign to do it.’

They said they had just spoken to a parent of a trans child, ‘who was in tears at the relentless vitriol and misinformation’.

‘It’s not just today’s four articles,’ they said.

‘It’s the relentless one-sided anti-trans propaganda pumped out with a clear agenda to try and put trans people “back in their box.”

‘Trans kids will still exist – they’ll just exist unsupported, un-cared for, unloved and vilified and hounded for being different.’

The Times want everyone to ‘know their place’

Gay Star News also spoke to Helen Belcher of Trans Media Watch. She bluntly asked: ‘Where does The Times think that trans adults comes from?

‘We don’t suddenly emerge from cocoons at the age of 18.

‘Instead, and despite what The Times itself published in 2014, we are seeing a repeated and concerted effort to push trans people back into the closet.

‘Wrapped up in concern for children, the real agenda appears to be that everyone should know their place, and for trans people, that appears to be not in public life.’

Moreover, Welsh Labour MP Stephen Doughty condemned the coverage, too. He said: ‘It’s not just shocking 1980s-style headline the Times and Lucy Bannerman have given us a bumper edition of prejudice against the trans community today.

‘Do they have any idea or even care about the harm this risks causing?’

Gay Star News contacted Lucy Bannerman for comment.

What is a gender identity clinic (GIC)?

There are eight GICs across the country for adults. Every person has an initial assessment stage before clinicians advise on treatments such as counseling or hormone therapy.

Advocates say these clinics can’t keep up with the demand from those wishing to transition or explore their gender identity.

Those seeking help are dealing with stretched budgets, clinic closures, and a waiting time of up to six years at certain clinics.

Tavistock and Portman Clinic, London, is the sole GIC that offers services and support for young trans and non-binary people.

This comes in the form of Gender Identity Disorder Clinic (GIDS), which Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust runs.

The expected wait time at the GIDS is 18 to 20 months.

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