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The trailer for Sarah Paulson and Sandra Bullock’s new film has dropped

The trailer for Sarah Paulson and Sandra Bullock’s new film has dropped

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The first trailer for the new film starring Sarah Paulson and Sandra Bullock has dropped and gay Twitter is excited.

Netflix’s Bird Box tells the story of two sisters (Paulson and Bullock) who face a terrifying new reality when unknown creatures trigger a kind of apocalypse.

Bullock has to find the strength to flee with her children down a treacherous river in search of safety, but she has to do it blindfolded. The unknown creatures trick people into seeing their greatest fear forcing them to lose their minds.

Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes also stars in the hotly anticipated drama, alongside John Malkovich.

Academy Award winning director Susanne Bier (A Night Manager) said even though the film is a suspenseful thriller, Paulson and Bullock managed to make the film set a lot of fun.

‘They are a bit like sisters. Like between takes, they were talking one time and I was like, “Hey girls, I’m actually trying to direct you!”‘ Bier told PEOPLE.

‘It was hugely important that there be a sense of humor in it, that it wasn’t gonna be a just entirely dark, scary film.’

Viewers last saw Bullock and Paulson together in this year’s blockbuster smash, Ocean’s 8.

Twitter reacted to the new trailer with glee, celebrating that the two actresses were reuniting:

Bird Box hits Netflix on 2 December.

Watch the Bird Box trailer

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