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The ultimate butch lesbian gift guide to help you out this Christmas

The ultimate butch lesbian gift guide to help you out this Christmas

Butch T-Shirt

It’s officially December, which means you’ve hopefully started your Christmas shopping.

From the cliché (Butch t-shirts) to the less cliché (skin moisturizer), treat your butch lesbian friend this Christmas to some great gifts.

Need help? We’ve got you covered.

An 'L' pin badge and patch. The L stands for lesbian.
Lesbian pin badge and patch | Photo: butchandsissy Instagram

Butch and Sissy

Butch and Sissy brings rock ‘n roll merchandising styles into the LGQ marketplace. Connie Collingsworth is the mastermind behind this store.

Their series of cool L, Q and H enamel badges are very reminiscent of the badges you’d get handed at the end of a gig. The design is inspired by Subway signs.

Each of these badges cost $10.34 (€8.71). Totally worth it if you ask us!

A portrait of Orange is the New Black actress, Lea Delaria
Lea Delaria, Lord of the Lesbians | Photo: krysta_parisi Instagram

Lord of the Lesbians

It’s pretty much common knowledge now that Lea Delaria is Lord of the Lesbians.

Krysta Parisi (Who makes an amazing drag king) is the lesbian artist who drew this epic portrait of Delaria.

Treat your butch lesbian friend to a phone case or hoodie with a picture of their Lord on. An iPhone case costs $26.18 (€22.04) while a unisex t-shirt with the design is $19.51 (€16.43).

A female model wearing the Butch t-shirt in black
Butch T-Shirt | Photo: between_the_lines_c Instagram

Between The Lines Clothing

Between The Lines is an Australian clothing company. The store was created by ‘one lesbian who loved buying men’s clothes.’

This simple and to the point ‘Butch’ T-Shirt is $24.37 (€20.59). While the store is based in Australia, their printers are based in the US and so that is where they ship from.

You can also pre-order festive ‘Merry Gaymas‘ cards now!

Cufflinks with the lesbian symbol on them
Lesbian cufflinks | Photo: Viper’s Den Facebook

Viper’s Den

Viper’s Den Accessories is another queer owned store making queer products. Ruby Valentine started making everything in her small NYC apartment, and was just making items for family and friends.

Every butch woman needs a good pair of cufflinks, and so why not get her some with the lesbian symbol on?

These cufflinks cost $12.42 (10.46) and are great for any occasion.

A woman styling a HER Pride shirt
A HER Pride shirt | Photo: hersocialapp Instagram


HER is a social app for lesbian, bisexual and queer people. It’s certainly made it’s mark on the LGBTI landscape.

They even have hot merchandise! There’s tops, hats and sweaters all on offer for you.

This cool HER Pride shirt is unisex, and costs $30.00 (25.26).

A blue tailored suit worn by a woman
A tailored suit by Kipper Clothiers | Photo: kipperclothiers Instagram

Kipper Clothiers

Kipper Clothiers creates stunning tailored suits for everyone! You can even create a custom shirt, which involves you picking the material and sending them your measurements. The final product will be completely unique to you.

A customized shirt can cost anywhere from $175 (€147.34) and takes 3 – 4 weeks to be made.

Two models sporting Play Out underwear
Gender neutral underwear | Photo: playoutnyc Instagram

Play Out Underwear

Play Out is believed to be the world’s first gender neutral underwear collection!

Their specialty is making boxer briefs that fit every body type and shape out there.

A pair of their boxer briefs cost $24.00 (20.21) and are definitely worth it.

Mini Deep Serum by NOTO | Photo: wearewildfang Instagram

NOTO Botanics 

Everyone gets dry skin occasionally, including butch lesbians. So, why not lend your friend a hand by getting them some serum?

NOTO Botanics describes itself as a ‘uni-sexy , multi-use,  minimal essential full body cosmetic line.’ The Deep Serum can be used to both hydrate and cleanse the skin, and is usable on every part of the body.

A mini bottle costs $28.00 (23.58) while a large bottle costs $48.00 (40.41).

Red plaid loungewear
Comfy as heck loungewear | Photo: tomboyx Instagram


The festive seasons calls for wearing your favorite loungewear and keeping warm.

TomboyX boasts a collection of clothing that butch women fall in love with. Their loungewear especially as cosy as hell.

This pair of red flannel pajama pants cost $45 (37.77) and are calling out for someone to wear them!

Three belt buckles by Butch Basix
Belt buckles | Photo: butchbasix Instagram

Butch Basix

The name says it all. Butch Basix has you covered when it comes to all of the basics. The brand aims to provide ‘ “masculine”styled goods to shoppers of every gender.’

Their belt buckles make a statement and would make any butch lesbian happy. They range from $24.99 (18.48) to $32.99 (24.39).

They don’t just cater for people either! Butch Basix also offers some bowties for canine and feline companions. A bowtie for your puppy pal costs $39.99 (29.57).

Bowties for dogs | Photo: butchbasix Instagram