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The Vixen apologizes to Manila Luzon for ‘low blow’ tweet about Sahara Davenport

The Vixen apologizes to Manila Luzon for ‘low blow’ tweet about Sahara Davenport

The Vixen and Manila Luzon

The Vixen apologized to Manila Luzon for a tweet she made about Sahara Davenport last year.

She made the apology on the latest episode of Hey Qween today (18 March), hosted by Jonny McGovern.

But the beef started in December last year, when The Vixen commented on the Kevin Hart controversy.

The Vixen
The Vixen. | Photo: @thevixensworld/Instagram

She tweeted at the time: ‘The Kevin Heart (sic) stuff is yet another reminder of how quickly white people jump on the bandwagon to take out a black figure but never see the issues with their own faves.’

Manila then responded: ‘Yup. So disregard his homophobic tweets and keep giving him our money!!’

To which The Vixen brought up Manila’s previous partner Sahara Davenport – who passed away in 2012.

The Vixen tweeted: ‘Queens like [Manila Luzon] like to show up and disrupt convo for a laugh because they have no sense of social responsibility or moral compass so it’s just fun and games for them to JK about things that others take seriously.

She then added: ‘Plus I remind her of her ex. So it’s fine.’

The Vixen: ‘I let Manila piss me off’

This caused an immediate backlash from fans, who weren’t happy she brought Sahara into the feud.

So The Vixen tweeted: ‘I’m deleting that tweet because I do have respect for Sahara and the many people that love her. I let Manila piss me off and I threw a low blow. And for that, I’m sorry.’

She then tweeted she was blocking Manila because she was ‘tired of her game.’

In a later post, The Vixen continued: ‘Blocking Manila doesn’t cheapen my apology because I’m not apologizing to Manila. I’m apologizing to you guys for bringing up Sahara because my intent was only to hurt Manila.’

Manila Luzon wore this stunning period pad dress | Photo: Instagram
Manila Luzon wore this stunning period pad dress | Photo: Instagram

Manila then posted a screenshot of The Vixen blocking her, with the caption: ‘Some people want to start important conversations but can’t handle any other points of view.’

She also made several follow-up tweets, with one directed at The Vixen: ‘Vixen wishes she was as beautiful as a person as the talented Sahara Davenport. Don’t come for our angel.

‘Just to clarify, Sahara Davenport is NOT my ex. We never broke up. Till death do us part,’ Manila tweeted.

So what’s new?

In the latest episode of Hey Qween, McGovern asked The Vixen: ‘Tell me how this whole situations started.’

The Vixen explained she noticed Manila replying to some of her tweets and ‘poking’ at her.

Then came the apology: ‘One – I’m sorry to my fans because… I’m supposed to be smarter than that and I need to be smarter than that. I’m sorry first to my fans for letting them down and being nastier than usual.

‘And I am sorry to Manila because I don’t know what her intentions were. So that was me projecting what I felt like she was giving to me. I am sorry to Manila for what I said.

‘And I’m sorry to myself… sometimes walking away is the best thing to do,’ she said.

During the interview, she also explained her beef with Jeffree Star, Lady Gaga, Eureka O’Hara and Aquaria.

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