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There’s a new London home for LGBTI asylum seekers, this is how you can help

There’s a new London home for LGBTI asylum seekers, this is how you can help

Two single beds in a room for asylum seekers.

With Christmas less than a week away, it might be the perfect time to help others in need.

Micro Rainbow International Foundation is opening a new safe home for LGBTI asylum seekers in London and is calling for donations.

The charity is urging everyone to donate whatever they can on social media. They have set up an Amazon wishlist where whoever wishes to help can buy anything from bedsheets to microwaves.

MRI is crucial in helping asylum seekers

MRI was born in 2012. It provides shelter to lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans and intersex people who are homeless because they have been shunned by their families or persecuted by their government.

After programmes in Cambodia and Brazil, they opened the first safe house for LGBTI asylum seekers in the UK in 2017.

They have inaugurated other two safe houses in London ever since.

For one of their new houses in the UK capital, MRI is asking people to help via Amazon.

‘Many LGBTI people around the world are victims of persecution and violence because of their sexual or gender identity or intersex status. They face imprisonment or the death penalty just because of who they are and who they love. Those who can, leave their countries behind and come to the UK to seek safety,’ they wrote on their website.

‘However, when they come to the UK they are not safe and they face several challenges. One of these challenges is homelessness.’

They furthermore added: ‘In our experience the abuse that LGBTI asylum seekers face in accommodation pushes many to become homeless at a critical point in life: when they try to save their lives and to secure their right to stay in the UK. This is why Micro Rainbow’s safe housing project is so vital. Micro Rainbow decided to create safe homes where LGBTI asylum seekers can be safe whilst they go through the grueling asylum process.’

This is what you can do to help

‘Running the safe houses and providing the extra support that LGBTI asylum seekers need is expensive,’ they also explained.

‘However, together we can make sure that each person receives adequate bedding, food and clothing.’

There are different ways to help this Christmas. You can either make a monthly donation, donate an Amazon gift card or buy an actual item off the wishlist for as little as £5.

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