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There’s a video game where you play as Jesus and kill gay people for points

There’s a video game where you play as Jesus and kill gay people for points

There's a video game in which you play Jesus and murder gay people | Photo: Jesus Strikes Back

There is a video game where you can play as Jesus, Hitler, or Trump and kill LGBTI people for points.

Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day [sic] is an effort by right-wing trolls to enrage rational people who believe in human rights.

You can tell because the developers’ website is a non-stop tirade on ‘social justice warriors’ and LGBT people.

Video game lets you play as Jesus and kill gay people for points

Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day is a ‘heartwarming tale following a group of unlikely friends through a very crazy world.

‘The game is guaranteed fun for all the family envisioning Jesus’s return to a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by radical socialism.’

You can also play as Vladimir Putin and Benito Mussolini on a mission to LGBT people, feminists, ‘radical social justice warriors’. One of the most ‘frightening’ monsters is a ‘radical, frenzied, NON-BINARY GENDER FLUID pansexual humanoid beserker’.

The developers (who are of course anonymous) say the game is released at the end of January. However, if it’s actually released we will be very surprised.

They have denied the claims the characters are based on ‘real’ people.

‘Hitler is not mentioned or featured in this video game. Perhaps your [sic] mistaken by our entirely fictional character Dolph,’ they said.

‘You likely assumed that just because he is Austrian and has a mustache he is Hitler.

‘If that is the case, your a disgusting, fascist, racist and you have offended the entire Austrian Male Mustache community.’

They added: ‘It’s a fucking game, cuck. Lay of the soy milk.’

Developers deny they are trolls

The game purports to be similar to a ‘zombie-hunting’ game, with the enemy often hunting in ‘packs’.

‘LGBT militants will attack anyone who is not a member of their military group,’ they add.

‘The LGBT Militia was formed after the world collapsed and are hostile towards all non-members. Alone they are weak, however, they can appear in large packs of up to 30.’

The developers claim they are not trolls.

‘If you honestly believe that individuals would spend over 10 weeks developing a game only to post screenshots and “troll” to achieve absolutely nothing from it other than “trolling” for the sake of it, well, I just don’t know what to say,’ they said.

As Friendly Atheist notes: ‘Most games take years to develop. Spending 10 weeks on it is nothing.’

This isn’t the only video game to celebrate the murder of LGBTI people.

White supremacist Christopher Cantwell, known as Crying Nazi, promoted Angry Goy II in November.

The main character targets naked LGBTI people waving a rainbow flag in a Pulse nightclub-like setting.

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