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There’s now a gay dating site for people who hate Trump

There’s now a gay dating site for people who hate Trump

Never Trump dating site launches

After the Trump dating site that bans gay people, an anti-Trump, pro-gay site has launched.

American Liberal Council has responded to a homophobic site for Trump voters with a site of their own.

Over 100,000 people have joined the anti-Trump site.

Dating site launches for people who hate Trump

NeverTrump.Dating is intended for those who want to make sure their romantic partners believe in ‘tolerance and justice’.

‘We need allies who will never back down to the corrupt, morally-bankrupt administration in power and we can do that right here,’ it says.

‘Skip the awkward political conversations, and know where your future love stands from the get-go.

‘Liberty and equality are making a comeback on NeverTrump.Dating!’

Trump Dating only allows you to identify as straight man or straight woman

Trump Dating is very real and you can't join if you're gay
Trump Dating is very real and you can’t join if you’re gay

The original site, Trump.Dating, only allowed you to join up if you identified as a straight man or straight woman.

Amusingly, or perhaps this is more depressing, Trump.Dating has no problem if you’re looking to cheat on your spouse.

You can sign up to the site, noting you are ‘unhappily married’.

But for NeverTrump.Dating, they created it to make sure gay NeverTrumpers were included.

‘Adding gay and bi options were important to us because we believe wholeheartedly in the sexuality of individuals – it is core to our being,’ Timothy Williams, of American Liberal Council, told Gay Star News.

‘When we first saw the Trump.Dating site, we were really taken aback that people could be so blatant in their antagonism of the LGBT community — but then again, should that really surprise anyone come from Trump supporters?

‘In addition, its “Deport Liberals From Your Love Life” slogan was a below-the-belt marketing strategy that needed to be countered.’

Gay Star News goes on Trump dating site

When Gay Star News set up two fake accounts (one male, one female) on the Trump dating site, we found the users to be entirely white.

There is also not a single person of color in the marketing or advertising.

It might read as a piece of satire, but the majority of the profiles appear to be real. It isn’t the only dating site based on voting for Trump either.

Here’s TexasBoy817, a 31-year-old man who says: ‘We need a wall.’

There’s ‘trumprules69’, a 26-year-old from Atlanta who wants you to know: ‘OMG trump is the best!’

And don’t forget this 23-year-old from Arkansas.

‘Trump loving God fearing gun toting redneck!’ she describes herself.


We messaged several users for their thoughts on the site banning gay people. GSN also included a brief explanation of who we were, and why we needed to make up a fake profile.

‘Fuck you,’ one man responded. ‘[MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN] MAGA MAGA MAGA!’