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These Black Friday sex toy deals guarantee you more bang for your buck

These Black Friday sex toy deals guarantee you more bang for your buck

  • A quick guide to the best male and female sex toys among LELO’s Black Friday deals.
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SPONSORED: LELO leads the world in creating high-quality, stylish sex toys for men and women – and now you can get them at bargain prices.

We’ve checked out their best Black Friday deals to find some amazing playmates for both men and women.

The site is currently offering discounts of up to 80% on a range of toys and kits, so investing in some personal pampering has never been easier.

Naturally sex toy sales have surged during the coronavirus lockdowns as more and more people open up to a new world of self-pleasure.

Equally, people are becoming more sex positive and embracing the idea that sex toys can be an exciting way to relax and unwind.

So, with dark winter nights swiftly closing in on us all, it’s not too late to ensure those long evenings go by in a whirl of sexual joy.

Men’s toys

F1s Developers Kit Red

F1s Developers Kit Red.
F1s Developers Kit Red. LELO

Many men have discovered the fun they can have with a flashlight-style masturbator. But the F1s Developers Kit Red takes this to a whole new world of custom tech.

It’s the first toy of its kind to allow you to plan your own pleasure program – all done via an easy-to-use app.

Having said that, you may find it hard to tear yourself away from the preset programs. The F1s will embrace your cock in soft-to-touch silicone and massage it with deeply-satisfying silicone waves.

The powerful dual motors and Cruise Control system guarantees you a mind-blowing experience. Meanwhile curved internal grooves heighten the sensations. And the side-panel window lets you see what’s happening, giving a whole new dimension to the experience.

From the premium-textured aluminium body to the simple controls designed for one-handed use, the F1s screams quality. And the 10 cutting-edge performance sensor makes sure it delivers what the smart design promises.

This is high-performance wanking like you’ve never felt before.

For Black Friday it’s down from £150 to £113.


Hugo. LELO

If you’ve never discovered prostate massage, you need to know it can deliver the world’s most explosive orgasm. And if you know and love your prostate, you need to discover Hugo.

Being sex positive is one thing, but being prostate positive is a whole new level and can increase the size and intensity of the male climax by 33%.

This luxurious prostate massager comes with a smart remote control which raises or lowers the intensity just by the angle you hold it at. That makes it great for solo pleasure and also fun to hand over to your partner or buddy so he can deliver you an anal workout like never before. 

Meanwhile there’s a load of settings to choose from as you enjoy the waves of pleasure from the powerful motors in the base and tip.

Hugo is medium sized so even relatively inexperienced bottoms can take it without trouble. And you’ll want to.

Reduced from £169 to £127.



If you love good sex, TOR2 can help you and your partner enjoy an even more thrilling and intense session.

The smooth silicone ring fits all sizes of guy and can be worn like a cock ring or just around your shaft. Turning the ring around can help the motor reach even more powerfully into your partner or deliver an intense massage to your balls.

The motor delivers 100% more powerful vibrations than any product of its kind, meaning it can throb right through your dick and into your partner.

Meanwhile it’s easy to control so you can prolong and intensify your orgasm and both of your pleasure.

Usually £109, it currently is down to just £82.

Women’s toys

Sona 2 Cruise

Sona 2 Cruise.
Sona 2 Cruise. LELO

The Sona 2 Cruise promises a whole new sensation for a whole new orgasm.

This clit sucker has a range of settings that you can enjoy. And its specially designed technology makes the unique pulsations constant during use, so when it’s pressed hard against the body extra power is unleashed for an intense, deep release.

You can expect multiple, intense clitoral orgasms. So if you want a toy to focus just on your clitoris, this is definitely for you.

Currently reduced from £119 to just £89.

Soraya Wave

Soraya Wave.
Soraya Wave. LELO

The sleek Soraya Wave is the world’s most luxurious rabbit massager and will lead you to a full-body orgasmic experience.

LELO was inspired by the caress of a lover’s fingers to create a design shaped to deliver both internal penetration and clitoral stimulation.

The sculpted tip surges in a come-hither motion like no other massager, reaching your G-spot with ease. And the patented WaveMotion technology rises and falls within you to help you reach a tidal-wave climax.

Meanwhile, the controls are really easy to reach with a huge variety of settings to satisfy all needs.

Currently reduced from £209 to £157.

Smart Wand 2

Smart Wand 2.
Smart Wand 2. LELO

The Smart Wand 2 is the ultimate foreplay tool for yourself or your partner.

This powerful massager offers 10 different massage patterns that help soothe sore muscles and relieve stress. This toy is sure to open the door to your sexual energy and help you relax as you drive to a great orgasm.

And just like other LELO products it is made of ultra-smooth premium silicone that’s extra soft to the touch, completing the sensory experience.

Now reduced from £169 to £127.

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