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These cities are the best places for LGBTI people to fall in love

These cities are the best places for LGBTI people to fall in love

best cities for lgbt people to find love massimo-rinaldi-1322404-unsplash

In a world where looking for love means trawling through dating apps, deleting unsolicited photos and pretending you care about someone’s unwritten novel, sometimes you need a bit of help. Sometimes, nothing is more help than cold, hard facts.

Luckily, a new study claims to have found which city is the best to find love as an LGBTI person. Conducted by relocation experts Movinga, the study compared results from a ‘Free to Love’ category with how locals rated finding love in the city.

So the highest scoring cities are those that not only have an environment where LGBTI people specifically can find love, but are also protected with anti-discrimination legislation. They also took into account safety.

The poll asked 6000 people in 100 of the most LGBTI-friendly cities.

Perhaps surprisingly, San Francisco in California only came in at 11. Chicago, another queer city in the US, arrived in 15th – with New York City beating them all at third.

However, Spain dominated the charts. Barcelona and Madrid came in first and second respectively.

A need for LGBTI data

Finn Age Hansel, Managing Director at Movinga, told Gay Star News:

‘Although the last few decades have seen an increase in rights and freedoms in many locations, some cities are better than others in terms of both legislation and attitudes.

‘We hope that our ranking is not only a helpful guide to travellers and expats who identify as LGBTQ+, but additionally gives those looking for love some inspiration about which cities offer the best opportunities for finding a romantic partner.’

See the top 10 countries below and the full list here.

1 Barcelona, Spain. Score: 9.31

barcelona is the best city for love florian-hofmann-1144177-unsplash
Photo: Florian Hofmann, Unsplash

2 Madrid, Spain. Score: 9.04

Mardid best cities in the world for love victor-garcia-436555-unsplash
Photo: Victor Garcia, Unsplash

3 New York City, United States. Score: 8.87

New York City best cities for love wojtek-witkowski-275-unsplash
Photo: Wojtek Witkowski, Unsplash

4 Copenhagen, Denmark. Score: 8.80

Copenhagen denmark best cities for romance zachary-shakked-1382487-unsplash
Photo: Zachary Shakked, Unsplash 

5 London, United Kingdom. Score: 8.66

london best cities in the world to find love gay anthony-delanoix-48936-unsplash
Photo: Anthony Delanoix, Unsplash

6 Miami, United States. Score: 8.65

miami the best places in the world for lgbt love aurora-kreativ-490438-unsplash
Photo: Aurora Kreativ, Unsplash

7 Gothenburg, Sweden. Score: 8.52

gothenburg best cities to find lgbt love laurent-perren-477138-unsplash
Photo: Laurent Perren, Unsplash

8 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Score: 8.51

Amsterdam the best places to find love lgbt daniel-klein-1227151-unsplash
Photo: Daniel Klien, Unsplash

9 Stockholm, Sweden. Score: 8.45

Stockholm best cities in the world to find love for lgbt people norman-tsui-496566-unsplash
Photo: Norman Tsui, Unsplash

10 Paris, France. Score: 8.45

paris france best city to find gay love earth-608350-unsplash
Photo: Earth, Unsplash

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