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These five male sex toys are engineered to change your life for good

These five male sex toys are engineered to change your life for good

  • These stylish male sex toys will have you moaning in pleasure in 2021 and far beyond.
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For much of 2020 a little guilt-free pleasure has been as rare a commodity as a new bicycle or a pack of bread yeast. So it’s a relief to find something you can jump on to get a rise.

Of course, many sex-positive guys have found it a tough year as lockdowns and guidance have, quite rightly, steered them away from face-to-face meets.

But the positive to come out of that is that so many more men have opened themselves up to a new world of self-pleasure. Naturally, this has also seen sex toy sales soar.

We all hope that 2021 is going to see us gradually return to normality. However, having had the chance to test-drive these toys this year, I for one will not be giving them up.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you try them you’ll be just as keen to make them part of your sex life long-term, both when flying solo or when you’re hooking up or having fun with a regular partner.

Billy 2

Billy2. LELO

If you are a less experienced bottom or new to prostate massage, then the Billy 2 is a brilliant place to start.

It’s the smallest toy in our test-drive and the soft silicone will slide into you with just a little lube.

You can start slow and gradually rack up the intensity using the simple plus and minus buttons. Use the same control to scroll through each of the powerful motor’s eight types of vibrations – each of them stimulating you in a new and exciting way.

Of course, there’s nothing quite like having a guy inside you. But this isn’t second-best to that – it’s a totally new way to get off that will use your hole like never before and have you cumming like a geyser.


Bruno. LELO

The Bruno prostate vibrator takes things up another level with two motors to stimulate all the right places internally and externally.

The tapered shape is carefully designed to slide in naturally and the Bruno is medium sized, so most guys can take it easily.

Once inside, the fun mounts quickly. You can easily scroll through six settings and vary their intensity to build up the sensations until you are begging to orgasm. Some guys may even be able to cum without even using their hands.

Like all the LELO products its easily washable and charges via USB so you can guarantee the Bruno will be ready and waiting for you next time.


Hugo. LELO

Most gay and bi lads know that prostate massage can deliver the world’s most explosive orgasm.

But it is definitely not a pleasure you have to explore solo. Hugo is the perfect prostate massager if you want to share your prostate adventures with a partner.

This luxurious toy comes with a smart remote control which raises or lowers the intensity just by the angle you hold it at.

That makes it great for solo fun, of course. But handing the control over to your partner or buddy will leave you at his mercy as he drives waves of pleasure deep into you.

You’ll both enjoy working your way through the range of settings and intensities delivered by powerful motors in the base and tip.

And, if you’re lucky, he’ll be begging you to swap things around and use it on him after. After all, Hugo is medium sized so even relatively inexperienced bottoms can take it without trouble. Just make sure you follow safer-sex advice on sharing toys if you do.

Loki Wave

Loki Wave.
Loki Wave. LELO

Being sex positive is one thing, but being prostate-positive is a whole new level. It can be a real game-changer for your sex life, increasing the size and intensity of your orgasm by 33%.

And you will have never had a prostate workout like the one you’ll get from the Loki Wave.

There’s some really revolutionary tech hidden inside. First off, its ‘come hither’ motion moves the toy backwards and forwards as it vibrates, like a strong finger beckoning your ass to surrender to it.

And then, among the 10 settings from the two motors, you’ll find one that makes the vibrations surge inside you. The Loki Wave is the first massager that can do this – and trust me, it’s intense in all the right ways.

The only advice I’d give is that the Loki Wave is a bigger toy so if you are relatively new to bottoming, you may struggle to take it at first. But if you think you know and love prostate toys, you need to try this – it may well be the most intense anal session you’ve ever had.

No wonder the Loki Wave is one of LELO’s best-selling products – this is anal like you’ve never experienced before and will deliver an orgasm that could well leave you shivering with satisfaction.



If you love good sex, TOR2 can help you and your partner enjoy an even more thrilling and intense session.

The smooth silicone ring fits all sizes of guy and is easy to wiggle onto your dick. It can be worn like a cock ring or just around your shaft.

Turning the ring around to tickle your bush can help the motor reach even more powerfully into your partner as you slide into him. Or you can wear it with the motor balanced over your balls to give them an intense massage while you fuck.

The motor delivers 100% more powerful vibrations than any product of its kind, meaning it can throb right through your dick and into your partner.

Meanwhile it’s easy to control so you can prolong and intensify your orgasm and both of your pleasure.

And when you don’t have a partner or buddy around, don’t forget about the TOR2. Wear it while you use your hand to get you off with some extra stimulation.

Of course, anyone can use the TOR2 – but it’s good to know LELO have delivered a toy that tops can love.

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