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These two Game of Thrones actresses are a cute couple in new LGBTI movie

These two Game of Thrones actresses are a cute couple in new LGBTI movie

Natalia Tena and Oona Chaplin are back on screen together.

Despite not having actual scenes together on Game of Thrones, fans of the HBO show will remember them as Osha and Talisa, respectively. The former was the wildling servant to the Stark family and the latter Robb Stark’s wife in one of the most painful episodes in the history of TV, The Rains of Castamere, also known as The Red Wedding.

What some might not know, however, is that the two actresses are friends in real life. The two are going to star in upcoming movie Anchor and Hope as a cute same-sex couple.

This bittersweet drama also features David Verdaguer and Geraldine Chaplin, Oona’s mother and daughter of Charlie Chaplin.

Natalia Tena and Oona Chaplin are Kat and Eva

‘What does it mean to be a mom, anyway?’ |Photo: Network Releasing

Natalia Tena and Oona Chaplin star as Kat and Eva, two women in love living the boho life on a narrowboat in London.

While Kat loves their life just the way it is, Eva starts to feel maternal instinct. She presents her partner with an ultimatum: she wants a baby.

When their best friend Roger visit them from Barcelona, the three of them toy with the idea of having a baby together.

‘Do I want to have kids or not?’

Natalia Tena and David Verdaguer in a scene. | Photo: Network Releasing

‘Where does the desire to have kids come from? I am thirty, the age that biology obligates you to confront one of life’s most important questions: Do I want to have kids or not?’ director Carlos Marques-Marcet says.

‘And another question comes with it: Is there any other way of having a family that differs from the image I have known throughout my life?’

The canal itself is a character

The idea of setting the movie on the London canal arose from the fact that Natalia Tena lives in a house-boat there.

‘The canal is a character of its own in the film, playing many different roles,’ says Marques-Marcet.

‘A home, a passageway from one place to another, a symbol of freedom at times, a symbol of separation at others. This fluid universe of water and boats contrasts with the intensity of the manic “dry land” London as an important visual motif. The waves of the canal, sometimes choppy and sometimes peaceful, reflect the wants, desires, and needs of those who live on top of it as they navigate their love for one another.’

Anchor and Hope will hit UK theaters on 28 September.

Watch the trailer for Anchor and Hope here:

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