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This 11-year-old wants to be the first lesbian US President

This 11-year-old wants to be the first lesbian US President

Ella Briggs wants to be the first lesbian US President (Photo: YouTube)

An 11-year-old lesbian in Connecticut has pledged to shake up US politics.

Ella Briggs was just elected Connecticut’s Kid Governor. She ran on a pro-LGBTI ticket.

About 6,400 fifth-graders from 87 schools across the state elected her as their representative, according to Connecticut Post.

‘Love is love’ was her campaign slogan.

At her inauguration, Briggs declared she wanted to be the first lesbian US President.

Sporting a rainbow bowtie, she said: ‘I will begin important conversations with students and adults all over this great state’

‘We will talk about what it means to be accepting and respectful of everyone, including those of us in the LGBTQ community’.

Briggs attends the Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Elementary Magnet School in Avon.

Unfortunately, the parents of some of her peers stopped them from attending the ceremony, according to the Post.

‘I’m just so happy that most kids in my class came,’ Ella said.

‘Haters going to hate. It’s just so amazing being in a room full of people who accept me. It feels really good.’

Coming out

Briggs came out on a family holiday, according to Connecticut Post. She saw a billboard with two women and a baby.

‘I said to my mom, “Mommy, I think that I want to do that when I grow up.”’

Briggs said she knew she liked women since she was three or four.

In kindergarten, she was made to sit on the ’naughty chair’. She disagreed with a teacher who said she had to put a skirt on her gingerbread person.

A substitute teacher once told her it was ’not school appropriate’ to describe herself as a lesbian.

‘It really hurt my feelings,’ Briggs said. ‘I cried in the bathroom’.

She also faced discrimination from students.

They moved their desks away from her when they found out she was a lesbian.

Some kids told her their parents said she would go to hell.

But, at her new school, Briggs’ coming out was met with applause.

‘Every day we have a morning meeting and we say our goals and I’m like, “My goal for the day is to come out to my class. So I’m gay,” and then everyone started clapping,’ she told Connecticut Post.

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