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This adorable short about a lesbian couple will make your heart skip a beat

This adorable short about a lesbian couple will make your heart skip a beat

Happy end: Claire and Rachel get to celebrate a stunning wedding.

‘This isn’t about my grandmother’s ring on the finger next to yours. It’s not about something old or something new, it’s about standing next to you, and only you. And my world only started spinning once you said yes.’

We Will, an heartwarming short film campaigning for 2016 to become the year Australia passes marriage equality, is sending out the message that love is the same for all everyone, be they gay, bi or straight – a bit scary, sometimes disastrous but still the best feeling in the world.

Following Claire and Rachel, a lesbian couple, We Will shows that same-sex relationships come with all the hang-ups, occasional heartache, the fighting and making up straight couples know all too well.

From the couple’s first date in a coffee shop (look at how their faces light up!) to first kisses, late-night bus rides and finally their stunning wedding day, the film’s beautiful cinematography emphasizes the normality of it all.

‘Love seemed like madness. I honestly couldn’t understand why anyone would put themselves through so much suffering,’ the voiceover says.

‘But then I met you, and I knew I would put up with endless misery if it meant I could have you.’

It also drives home the point that there’s no real reason to deny these women the chance to confirm their love not just in front of their family and friends, but before the law, too.

Watch the full video below (but have a box of tissues ready, maybe):