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This distillery is selling a ‘Five Husbands’ vodka to mark Utah Pride

This distillery is selling a ‘Five Husbands’ vodka to mark Utah Pride

Five Husbands vodka | Photo: Ogden's Own Distillery

A distillery is selling a ‘Five Husbands’ vodka to mark Utah Pride.

Ogden’s Own Distillery, which created the polygamy-themed Five Wives vodka, is rebranding to celebrate Pride month in June.

The limited edition vodka, which features five men with nothing but roosters covering their nude bodies, is the official liquor of the 2019 Utah Pride Festival.

Limited edition vodka to mark Utah Pride

Sign at the 2012 Utah Pride Parade
2012 Utah Pride Parade | Photo: Flickr/Jay Jacobsen

Steve Conlin, CEO of Ogden’s Own Distillery, said he wanted to show, despite the Mormons, Utah is a progressive place.

‘Believe it or not, under the surface, Utah is a pretty fun and wild place,’ Conlin told NBC Out.

He also said the state is ‘really progressive once you get past the religion’.

Conlin also noted Salt Lake City, the state’s capital, elected a gay woman, Jackie Biskupski, as mayor in 2016.

The distillery owner also said he has long wanted to sponsor the Utah Pride Festival.

‘There’s something really magical about seeing people being able to express themselves and be themselves,’ he said.

Five Husbands vodka ‘tribute to Mormon history of polygamy’

Liz Pitts, the director of community engagement for the Utah Pride Center, told Q Salt Lake that ‘having a local company willing to support our event is really meaningful.’

Idaho banned Five Wives vodka when it was released several years ago. Officials claimed the alcohol brand was ‘offensive’ to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to women. After outrage, the state decided to allow it in stores and bars.

Many are celebrating the vodka. However, there are some unusual alcohol laws in Utah.

Bars can only serve patrons 1 oz. (28ml) of liquor at a time. Patrons are also not allowed to order more than one of the same type of alcoholic beverage at a time.

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