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This father and daughter both realize they’re transgender, then transition together

This father and daughter both realize they’re transgender, then transition together

Corey and Eric Maison father daughter

A father and daughter are transitioning together after both realizing they’re transgender.

Daughter Corey Maison came out as transgender two years ago and was the star of a viral video.

In the video, Corey receives hormones to start her physical transition into a girl.

Around the same time, Corey’s mother was starting to question his own gender identity.

Eric Maison tells the Huffington Post he started to question himself after watching a documentary on trans teen Jazz Jennings.

Eric said: ‘It was like all of the feelings I’d had of being uncomfortable in my own skin made sense.

‘At the time, I also recognized my own child in this little girl, so I shared it with Corey, and she said “She’s like me!”‘

Eric decided not to share his story with his daughter during the early stages of her transition to give her space in her own journey.

But watching Corey blossom into the confident young girl she is today, gave Eric a renewed sense of hope.

‘When Corey began embracing her true gender identity in transition, I began realizing how courageous and inspiring she was.

‘To not just the many people out there that saw our first viral video, but in myself.


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‘I started to realize “Hey! If my kid can stand up to the bullies in the face of adversity in attempts at living a happier life, I can too.”

‘Seeing Corey’s genuine happiness inspired me to be brave telling my own story ― my truth of who I’ve felt I was all along,’ Eric said.

Since the viral video, Eric and Corey share their story with whoever will listen.

Eric said: ‘Educate yourself.

‘The more you know, the better you can help support your child in navigating what all they’re going to go through.

‘And last, I would just remind the parent to try and empathize with their child.

‘Life can be difficult, even for a kid, because bullying isn’t going away, only getting worse.

‘Do you really want to be another “bully” for your child ― or their safe haven?’ Eric said.