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This film shines a light on what LGBTI people actually do in bed

This film shines a light on what LGBTI people actually do in bed

What do these guys get up to when they hit the hay?

Whenever there is a discussion about LGBTI rights, someone is bound to steer the conversation into the bedroom direction.

But what exactly is it that non-straight people do between the sheets that is so exciting, intriguing or (for some) terrifying to make them constantly discuss it?

Filmmaker Bret Thomas’s short video What We Do In Bed sets out to shine a light on what happens when LGBTI couples hit the hay.

And as it turns out (and as we all probably knew and expected), it’s not all about sex, no matter if you’re looking at two gay guys, two lesbians or a trans couple.

Instead, there’s a lot of laughter, a few tears and plenty of heartwarmingly adorable situations.

The inspiration for the short clip came from his own experiences and the wish to show that all couples are the same, no matter their sexual orientation.

‘I was lying in bed with my husband, our arms around each other, and I remember thinking, “This is what people are so afraid of?”. Arguments against same sex or trans relationships eventually turn to what happens in the bedroom,’ he told GSN.

‘I wanted to make the point that we’re just like everyone else. While physical intimacy is important it’s not what defines a relationship.’

Before What We Do In Bed, Bret – who works as a hairstylist in his day job and makes all his films in his spare time – produced mainly horror or stop motion videos.

‘I didn’t go to film school choosing instead to learn by doing. I wanted to make a movie without spending much money so I shot a found footage horror short because it cost next to nothing to produce,’ he said.

‘About a year later I heard about a competition being held by ASU’s student film association for 30 second horror films just one week before the deadline.’

In that week, he shot two 30 seconds film to hand in and ended up winning one of the awards.

While Bret was having fun, he also wanted his new film to have a positive impact on his own community and to help fight discrimination.

‘I’m gay and I grew up in a religiously conservative environment,’ he told GSN.

‘I felt first hand what it’s like to be discriminated against and I wanted to create a video that would have a positive impact on the way LGBTI people are perceived.’

And while he said he’s keen on LGBTI watching the film (and probably recognizing their own relationships in there), his target audience are actually those on the outside, who oppose equal rights for LGBTIs.

‘I want to show the world we’re just like everyone else and that we’re all more alike than we are different,’ he said.


Watch the full video below: