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This gay fetish photography contest shows kink can be beautiful

This gay fetish photography contest shows kink can be beautiful

  • The MOREPIXX? international gay fetish photo competiton aims to prove that ‘fetishes are nothing strange or frightening’.
Man held by chain.

These stunning, dark, sexy photos are all in line to win the MOREPIXX? International gay fetish photo competition.

The judges have shortlisted 15 images. But it’s down to the public to choose who wins and the runners up, with the first prize €500 plus €250 to shoot the cover of Alphatribe Magazine.

Photographer Taco D Smit coordinates a volunteer team and a group of international judges to run the contest. We asked him all about it.

MOREPIXX? putting gay fetish in the frame

Where does the name come from?

The competition is called MOREPIXX? (with the question mark). And the subtitle to explain it is the ‘international gay fetish photo competition’. The name comes from the question that all chatters on dating sites know: ‘Do you have more pix?’

How did it start?

The idea is not originally mine. There used to be a similar competition in Italy, which I won twice. But they decided to stop after three years. So I picked up the concept and built it into this mega competition, that is now expanding every year.

This is the fourth competition. And the number of pictures and sponsors is growing each year.

What are you hoping to say about fetish from the competition?

As a photographer, I of course appreciate beautiful images.

But the whole purpose is to show the world and also our community that all kinds of fetishes are nothing strange or frightening. In fact the competition brings out beautiful images of this particular world.

And visibility is one of the things that can help the community to more tolerance and acceptance. What you do not see, you can not appreciate.

Who are the judges?

Every year I try to get new members for the jury so it will not be biased. Every year the winning photographers of the previous year are in the jury.

The year, we also have an international Mister Leather, a chief editor of a gay magazine and a spokesman for Tom of Finland Foundation.

Where the exhibition will tour?

The exhibition tour will start in Antwerp (Belgium) in March. That’s when we announce the winners. Then it will go to Amsterdam and Berlin and possibly London and the USA this year.

The MOREPIXX? finalists

Here are the MOREPIXX? finalists 2020. Also in the finals is the main image on this article, by Arjan Spannenburg and titled Rapture.

Man in leather jacket but no trousers looks over city view.
The Biker Man. Aaron Bergmann
Man in harness stands on top of chained man in pup kink gear.
Reciprocation. Arjan Spannenburg
Two leathermen by park bench.
Night in Milan. Hexy Joe
Man in kink pup outfit.
Pup Pheniox. Ryan J Coit
Naked man in press-up position screams at camera.
Half Monster, Half God Christophe Vootz
Leather-clad biker in back street.
A Leatherman’s Journey. Dylan Hodgon
Torso and crotch of man in black leather with sweaty chest.
Sweat. Christopher Ferreria
Man suspended by ropes and tied to a wooden V.
V Shape Holger Becker
Man suspended by ropes in brick room.
Slience. Holger Becker
A glove with smoke around it.
Smoken Glove Dari Van Hart
Man licks sports shoes
Lick Boy Peter
Man in sports socks and vest.
The Sports Coach. Aaron Bergmann
Man embraces crotch of man in leather/ rubber.
Fetish Discover Laurent Garroy-Castermans
Rubber man in alley.
Gilles Eric Lanuit