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This gay guy’s clapback to homophobic slur involves glitter and yes, please

This gay guy’s clapback to homophobic slur involves glitter and yes, please

A close up of Nick Hurley wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap.

A guy from Manchester, UK, might have just started a new trend responding to a homophobic slur with glitter.

Nick Hurley, a British digital artist and web developer, was walking when someone shouted a homophobic insult at him. They called Hurley a ‘f*ggot’ while driving past him on 3 August.

Hurley promptly replied to the anti-LGBTI insult in the most unexpected way.

A tube of glitter against homophobia

Hurley emptied a tube of glittery makeup in the other person’s car when they stopped at the traffic lights.

He later took to Twitter to share his genius comeback with his followers.

‘If you think it’s okay to shout “faggot” at me out of your car window while you drive past, then I think it’s okay for me to empty a tube of glitter through that window when you stop at the traffic lights,’ he tweeted.

‘Your casual homophobia has supergay consequences,’ he also wrote.

As his story went viral, Hurley encouraged his followers to make a donation to LGBT advocacy group Stonewall UK.

Furthermore, as if it wasn’t clear already that the guy has some sense of humor, he explained the environmental impact of his actions in another tweet.

‘It appears that some of you are concerned over the environmental impact of my glitter activism,’ he said.

‘[It] was biodegradable, the other guy was driving a car (A CAR!), I think you might’ve missed the point of my story,’ he explained with some very relevant emojis.

‘Glitteractivism’ should be a thing

The reactions to his gesture were positive and some even suggested this form of ‘activism’ should become a thing.

‘A friend of mine has been known to genuinely carry glitter in night clubs for when she gets groped,’ one user replied.

‘That really flipping sucks that she has to do that. But power to her! As a fellow glitteractivist, I stand with her in solidarity,’ Hurley said.

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