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This gay teen was disowned and thrown out by his parents last year - look where he is now

Daniel Pierce received $95k to start his new life after a YouTube video of him getting disowned went viral

This gay teen was disowned and thrown out by his parents last year - look where he is now
Daniel Pierce received a huge amount to start his new life

‘You have chosen that path, we will not support you any longer,’ a mother is heard saying.

‘You will need to move out and find wherever you can to live and do you want to. I will not let people believe I condone what you do.’

The fight between mother and son escalates, with the son being called a ‘piece of shit’ and ‘damned queer’ before he is hit several times.

The video cuts.

The boy in the video, filmed last year, is Daniel Ashley-Pierce from Kennesaw, Georgia who captured a candid video of his family disowning him.

The video went viral, being seen over 8 million times on YouTube.

People came to his aid, donating $95,000 (€84,000) on GoFundMe, giving him the huge amount for him to start his new life.

Now one year later, Ashley-Pierce was able to find a place to rent and pay for his medical bills (including the cost of hearing aids) now his parents dropped him from their insurance plan.

He also donated thousands to Lost-n-Found Youth, a shelter for homeless LGBTI children. He also began volunteering, working to help kids who find themselves from the people they thought would look after them.

Ashley-Pierce has not seen his family since the night he filmed that video. Funnily enough, he doesn’t regret that at all.

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    Being in the right is no consolation for losing your family. They were unkind, but that loss will haunt him. I feel very sad for Daniel. I hope he’s able to fully cope with it all throughout his life. He is a lucky young man to have the support he’s received thus far. Good luck to him.

    Richie Bela says:

    Daniels story should be an eye opener to all who hates fags that theres a place somewhere over the rainbow . Although his story is no differrent to evry gay who fights back and wants to show to his parents that its better to stay with people who are kind.understanding and gives so much love and comfort then this worlld could be a better place for evryone straights or gays

    Sad! But it happens. Lucky for many, there are LGBTQ Shelters and organzations that are in place with S.O.S. hotline phones and legal counseling. We can help by showing our support to these organization.

    Brian Burke says:

    He was smart…recording that conversation. He knew he might be able to get some money out of it, or at the very least help prove to others what horrible family members he has. He’s very lucky, not everyone turns out that way.

    Ron Breaux says:

    Lady, you are demon spawn, an unfit parent. you should lose the right to breath God’s clean air! Demon Spawn, you disowned your child, Shame in God’s eyes.

    Alex Crimson says:

    Fuck this backstabbing piece of shit. He spoke against the founder of Lost-N-Found, Rick Westbrook, when he was temporarily ousted as leader. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. He’s a cunt.

    Still in 2017?? Wtf is wrong with people?? His parents doesnt deserve him as their son

    Mary Costa says:

    this hurts the heart to think that a child of your body that you brought into this world could then be treated so badly by the very same person that gave life to them i cant understand this all the best to this lad and to all who only want to live there life free from hate free from having to hide there real selves know people out there care and will be there for you xxx

    He is so much better off away from those toxic religious bigots!!

    What a good “Christian” family… first the mother says she knew he was since he was little but then tells him he chose to be that way. Does she not see how she contracted her own statement?

    How wonderful to hear this! May you go from strength to strength!!

    Darren Irwin says:

    Lowlife Christian bullshit

    Mwangi Kamau says:


    .Daniel Ashley Pierce,you were born gay.Your parents are incredibly sad people.All the best for your new life

    What kind of a parent disowns their child? As a mother this makes me so sad, then angry, then happy for Daniel and proud of the folks who supported him. There is great love in this community.

    If the parents invite you back, feeling “remorse”, it’s all about the money. Count on it. Good luck with starting your new life.

    Rose Naveja says:

    OMG…this is so sad to listen to. Both for the son and the parents. The son wants acceptance, and the parents are in denial about who they have raised. I am so glad this young man was helped through this situation. The parents need counseling from a therapist, prefereably not a so-called holy person filled with hell-fire. Both parties need to find peace within them selves

    It is mother’s big loss. When she gets older and becomes invalid, he will not be there supporting her. That is too bad! I am proud of him for his brave and applaud him for his supporting homeless gay youth. If she changes her mind, she HAS to apologize him what she has done to him. I am proud of my mother and still give my love to her as she is 93.

    Robb Kerr says:

    As far as I know from all the time I spent in Sunday school as a child. The word of God says “love thy neighbor as thyself” it doesn’t say to condemn someone because they are different.

    Richie Bela says:

    i wish all the goodpeople in the world will give him the love and affection tht his parents failed to give These are the parents who are unfit to be called mom and dads

    She’s so concerned about the Lord…. such b.s.

    Eric Legault says:

    parents should be arrested for assault. if i understood the article correctly. and sued for emotional distress or whatever they have in that state. and the mother should follow a course in basic logic: it’s not because your son lives with you that you condone anything other than his living with you. duh.

    I do not understand how a parent can do this to their child. If my daughter told me she was gay I would not have a problem and just because I do not agree that would not change that she is my daughter and one and only. God tells u to love everyone. Karma is a bitch and I hope they get it three folds over.

    So you tell your child he is a peice of shit, you throw him out into the street and you cancell his medical insurance. So what part of Christs teaching do they think they are following? No doubt they will love their new president.

    Yes, with all his marriages, Trump sure is following Christ’s teaching, isn’t he!

    How a parent could throwaway there child is something I will never understand they use there religion like a weapon turning it on there child I would think GOD would be disgusted by there action I get that not everyone understands but you don’t have understand everything about your child to love them

    Kevin Elks says:

    Who needs parents like that, he is best rid of them. Glad he is now happy and even helping others.

    he should use grinder

    When a childtells you “I’mgay” an presupposes that you no lomger love them Simpl;y assure them that you are my child and I stil loveyou.. It’l make all the differencein the orld.

    We our LGBT community care ,shame on his parents, but so happy that you came out of this in a very go way.. If you ever need a friend you can count on me ?happy to help

    Sad that parents throw outthere children! Shame on them good for him!

    Megan Walker says:

    Parents often don’t understand that when they reject their children they are rejecting their greatest gift from God. It’s their loss. God loves all of his children.

    There’s the problem right there – “God” means different things to different people, with each god on the opposite side on many issues, like divorce, birth control and women’s ordination.

    Gelan Dangan says:

    if you can do something in my country (Indonesia) to help us out of this matter.

    Anyone had their own path, but what kind of family do you had:( I’m proud of you and world was on your behind, never mind what happens on your past just think for the future and do something right to prove that even we are gay we are a good person

    Thanks, religion. Stellar job.

    Rai Lu says:

    This breaks my heart. I wouldn’t want this to happen to any gay teen. On the otherhand, we in the gay community must witness strongly our love and solidarity with one another. We have lots and lots of issues to deal with within the gay community itself. There is racism

    This is a great story, and congratulations to Mr Pierce for the way he survived parental abuse. They choose a book over their son, so I’d say that relationship would be fissured forever. Looking at this tv interview however, I hope I am not now detecting a certain smugness and superiority in his demeanour. It is important to remain open to dialogue and friendship with all. No-one is “too good”.

    Well done Daniel, best way to show your family or WAS your family that you are doing very well, and you don’t need them in your life, they’re lost! YOU deserve better x All the best to you mate x

    Real Christian, that family. But God promises to provide for those who love Him.

    Joe O'Connor says:

    my god the parents and family of this young man just go from bad to worse whatever about disowning him which was shameful and in my opinion criminal to then progress to cancelling his medical insurance after putting him out on the street shows their vindictive and hateful nature. Is this really what is in their christian hearts.I hope these people feel some little guilt as they sit in the front pews in their church pretending to be kind and loving christians in their all important community. I’m delighted that everything has worked out for Daniel and that he has found acceptance from people who really care for him and that he has given back to the LGBT shelter unfortunately there are many young people like Daniel kicked out and abandoned

    Aje Eja says:

    I am so proud to see him STANDING tall, thanks to the help of beautiful people.

    helo guys i was also in the same situation where i was thrown out forbeing gay 5 months ago and now am leaving by the church were i leave on cleaning people”s house for food or clothes. anyone willing to help should contact me through this email > [email protected] please

    Derek Treeby says:

    Small town attitude at its best

    What a wonderful story

    I hope to hell his (supposedly) parents feel the shame they deserve!

    His parents, according to the law, should still have to pay for his health insurance. They should also be arrested. I hope he becomes super successful, and is their only child so that when they are old they have no one to care for them.

    Yes, and remember what they were like BEFORE he got there.

    We would love to foster and hopefully adopt a teen like this young man. No one deserves to be treated this way no matter what. My heart goes out to him.

    James Savik says:

    The only disgrace is the parents actions.

    Agreed. No-one chooses to be homosexual, but his parents chose to homophobic.

    Well done young sir! Procede et propseri!

    Thankfully after being disowned and thrown out by his family Daniel Pierce seemed to manage and handle things pretty well which is very good, sadly some gay or bi people find it to hard to handle coming out or being outed. There should be no closer bond than family, you are blood and should love each other through thick and thin, but occasionally you find that love does not run as deep as it should do in relation to families or friends. I am bi sexual but not openly bi sexual but I do not feel I am hiding my sexuality I am just not going to go round explaining to everyone that I am bi sexual, I should not have to, I have never heard of a heterosexual person going round explaining there sexuality to others. If or when my family or others that know me do find out that I am bi sexual, however they react to it I hope I handle things well and just plod on with my life, anyhow time will tell.

    Cary Chauvet says:

    And this is what we (the gay community) should do for EVERY child thrown out of their house because they are gay. We should open our wallets and make sure someone who is ‘just like us’ knows they are loved and never alone. I am so proud of this kid. 🙂

    We could if we weren’t spending nearly all of our “disposable” income fighting off the extreme efforts of the religious right to marginalize us, trying to get Representatives and Senators elected who will make laws to include us in the protections provided by our Constitution, and having to spend all of our time and much money to defeat ridiculous, hateful propositions created to keep setting us back. Getting away from his biological family was a gift! It makes me so happy to he made it out.

    Sylv Taylor says:

    Dermot Mac Flannchaidh I was thrown out at 16 because my mother suspected I was gay. (I’m pansexual.) I was homeless for about five years. No one helped, I was just considered a bad kid and treated accordingly.

    Derek Williams Just speaking for myself, I was kicked out of my family home and ostracized for being gay at 15. Literally out onto the streets and locks changed with no money. My family are devout Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Jeff Justice Of course, but kids don’t have the resources available to adults, and being thrown out of home has serious consequences for someone who hasn’t even graduated high school.

    Eric Legault says:

    James Savik yaaaaaaassssssss !!! buckets full of (y) homely, too shy, and/or challenged in various ways (educationally, neurologically, emotionally, socially, etc.) in addition to having stupid parents.

    James Savik says:

    For every one of these good looking, well spoken kids there’s probably a hundred homely shy kids that would be moritified by the attention. My point: it’s easier to care about the cute visible ones but they need it less than others who hide.

    Can no one see the flaw in this plan?

    Jaafar Ali says:

    Derek Williams is great out there in westeern countries , here in middle east r indian subcontinent area parents even kill there sons/daughter for being homosexual

    Sadly, not every state has an lgbtq youth organization. Maryland still doesn’t desprite my pushing about It. The community center has a few services and a hang out group hit that doesn’t help kids who are homeless and Maryland doesn’t have an lgbt friendly shelters for youth and I don’t think there is one for adults either. If i had the money I would start these things. I really want to help but the community center isn’t listening to me and I don’t know what else to do. Any ideas?

    Gelan Dangan says:

    Mike Workman we have no LCBT organigation in the land we live (Indonesia), that’s why when we face this matter nothing more to get better, just like me,,,,,it’s been 2 year hopeless and homeless, without family and friend, living in the street, most of time without food and water, becouse I know, that’s the only one reason people to live in the world, family, friend and their love one, but now I lose everything in my life for my true identity.

    Dermot Mac Flannchaidh That is correct, the majority of those children are kicked out by their religious parents.

    I heard that up to 40% of homeless youths are LGBT. We can all do a lot more for all of them.

    Mike Workman says:

    Contact your local LBGT youth organization and see how you can help. Money does help, your time helps more.