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This homophobic Tumblr post transformed into a dystopian LGBTI adventure novel and it is amazing

If there was a straight island, gay island and lesbian island, which one would survive?

This homophobic Tumblr post transformed into a dystopian LGBTI adventure novel and it is amazing
Hunger Games
Would Jennifer Lawrence star in the film?

Sometimes homophobic people will try anything to come up with a reasonable argument for why homosexuality is wrong, but it turns out with a little bit of thought that debate is going to be shut down very easily.

That’s what happened when an anti-gay Tumblr user said if there was a straight island, a gay island and a lesbian island, the only one that would survive is the one full of heterosexual people.

But then, Tumblr users came back with better arguments – and to be honest, a pitch for a LGBTI dystopian adventure novel that we would definitely read.

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    Phillip Woon says:

    In the future science will devise a way for two men or two women to have babies. Google it

    I need this book or movie…. I want to be a lieutenant on one of the ships at bisexual bay ��


    OH….my gosh yes! This would be a bad ass movie! Can we add a hunger games like arena and have representatives from the gay, lesbian, and straights to fight for resources for their island? I volunteer as tribute henny ✋✌️

    Representing the gay island ( if my slang did not give it away to ya’ll )

    Mario Ruiz says:

    fucking awesome and hilarious. one question, why do these always involve so much hetro hate lol some kinda oppress the oppressors fantasy?

    I’d so pay to go see this movie!!

    Eve Mikazuki says:

    Why couldn’t we have the homosexual island? Then they could reproduce just fine. Seems really selective and biased of our little homophobe hmm? ;3

    “Bisexual Buccaneers from Both-Way Bay” definitely sounds like an Academy Award Nominee.

    *flags down the pansexual archipelago* Apparently from all that was said above, I’m supposed to be on this island. where do I sign up?

    Jeremy Bate says:

    Where do the straight allies go when they burn our island? Do we get to pick?

    Can some one please write this book? Better yet can many people write lots of books in this setting? I just want to read them all.

    Tessa Rose says:

    Someone told me about this post, and said, Hey, they’re writing your book! Which wasn’t quite true. But I had to come check it out. The book is published now — I hope it’s okay to post a link! The Enlightened Society is all lesbians and eunuchs, but occasionally the prenatal conditioning doesn’t work and someone is born hetero …

    i got a better one!… how would u classify whos homosexual or part of the raimbow.. (LGTB)?… by asking or testing? not everyone would tell if they knew they were going to be sent to a segregated island….. right?

    Aislinna AW says:

    omg, I love this!

    it is a choice, right?…wouldn’t you get to choose the island to live on…or would you be forced

    Jannah Leah says:

    YES! Asexual Sky Nation! I’m an Airbender apparently.

    Jacob Walker says:

    goddamnit is someone not writing all this down to make a novel? And are they not including a food resource scarcity subplot causing economic hardship for all the islands involved and giving further motivation for the raid on straight island? …just asking. it is REALLY hard to grow sustainable crops on islands for multiple generations, so if this has been going on for a while, that could be a promiment issue.

    Lara Flores says:

    Note, the original poster (OP) blogs about bishonen boy bands and has reblogged posts with yaoi content.

    I want to read the books. see the films, and definitely play the video games.

    Meanwhile, on Straight Island, scientists are still pondering the fact that, every generation, approximately 10% of the population simply disappears. A parallel mystery is the fact that, each generation, the combined populations of Gay Island and Lesbian Island increase by the same number of people who disappear from Straight Island. Straight Island scientists are puzzled, but promise to continue to pray about it.

    Andrew Wiid says:

    Too much is being read into this . . . What this author is saying is that if you took these groups and put them on an island for a period of time, that’s what the result would be. I am of the opinion that being gay/lesbian isn’t natural . . . HOWEVER . . . I do not judge and I support their RIGHT to live THAT lifestyle.

    My wife want’s to know if she can come to gay island to go dancing? Is there an embargo or is there trade between islands?

    Ed Joesting says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

    This is double agent “Zeno” checking in — there’s a new aggressive and imposing politician threatening to seize control of straight island. He promises to beat back the swathes of fighters from bisexual bay, and burn the Lesbian and Gay isles to the ground in a holy war unlike any other ever seen. Luckily, the asexual sky nation may escape unscathed, along with the pansexual archipelago; it’s likely he doesn’t even know they exists at this time. He calls himself Donald…

    Ewan Sanatan says:

    I would read this book series so hard!!! Also – what happens to the straight kids born on the non-hetero islands? Are they torn from their loving parents to be put on the hetero island? Do they start feeling that they are the excluded ones, slowly flipping the whole dynamic of power over time? And why are the bi-sexuals so bouyant? Is this like a mood thing translated to the physical?

    Loren Darcy says:

    Put them all on the same island and all of the gay people can put in extra time building houses, hunting, foraging etc since they don’t have to tend to child-rearing. Work together you morons!

    Dill Werner says:

    *raises hand wildly* OH ME! PICK ME! I HAVE POTENTIAL ANSWERS! I’ve actually written a manuscript that revolves around this very subject. I’m in the middle of editing the sequel now and still querying the first. STATUS: POSITIVE takes place in a world parallel to our own where there does exist a gay gene that was discovered by scientists. In a radical move, the government on this singular island continent declared that all people were to be tested, marked, and segregated into Compounds on a mass scale. Humans are no longer divided into gay and straight sexualities. Rather, they are forcefully assigned a Positive or Negative status based on the possession of this one gene. They become obsessed with black and white, gay or straight, Negative or Positive. Anything in between is seen as wrong or unnatural. You can’t have both. You are us or them, the Segregated or the General Population. I’m looking for a second round of beta readers. You can read the first three chapters on WattPad here:

    Ben Domilish says:

    Straight spies are among the gay islands, doing the gay sex and having the gay sex, all for their straight ideology (so they tell themselves as they do the gay stuff they volunteered for). So straight, they need to desperately stay around all things gay, for the good of their straightness. But during the peak of conflict, the straights discover the old forgotten arts–math and science. They learn the old nation, before it broke into the island system, had studies, scientific journals, and evidence that all of nature is sexually fluid. They learn that evolution selects for gays genetically, since it is so prevalent and found most often from the most fertile. They learn gays are the product of healthy nations having the best genetic diversity, fertility, and social intelligence to make use of their full resources, instead of suppressing them with false ideology that ignores science and our biology. The reveal shocks the straight island citizenry, who split again, half following science, morality, and being normal, the other half following blind belief in everything opposite to common sense logic and empirical evidence. The allies, as the science side became known as, rejoin the islands and prosper. The bigots, as the scientifically illiterate became known as, turned even more degenerate in their self imposed exodus–yelling uneducated opinions while spiraling into their collapse. They survive, but in a barbaric state, unable to recognize their own miserable undoing, because of a fixation with false blame and false knowledge. They are soon realized to be genetically tainted with small brains, so they are tolerated with compassion by the allies, who take pity on the pathetic bigots.

    Why is everyone wanting to attack straight island, is it just assumed that they need to killed because it seems sort of bigotted to hate on someone just because they are a different sexual orinetation …

    Florian Almagest it’s not just that though, it’s the imediate assumption that any segregation would be forced by people on the straight island (and I understand that assumption comes from a homophobe suggesting the islands so I’m being slightly hyperbolic). I do think the initial reponse by queercakes in the article was brilliant, the move into assumed blame for the island situation and then war just sits uncomfortably with me, even just as a humuorous way of mocking an idiot

    I’ve observed that queer (LGBTQIAP+) people here are very much willing to accept queer allies as refugees and would hate to see straight people who oppose segregation harmed and killed. Only those who willingly support and take part in the oppressive system – or even established it in the first place – do attract hatred.

    Okay, this is honestly such a great idea, I would love writing a novel or series of it! Is anyone else on board? I’d need Beta-readers to check my english, and LGBTQIAP+ experts to help me not forget anyone out there. Also, people to motivate me when writer’s block is at its worse. It could also be a group-writing thing! Any fellow writers in here? If you’re genuinely interested in helping in any way, please PM me! This could be the start of (one of?) the most inclusive YA novel/series ever written! Let’s do this, people!

    Tessa Rose says:

    I’m on the verge of publishing this novel on Amazon! Okay, not really THIS novel. But Escape From Enlightenment is about an all-gay society where heteros are persecuted. Started as an empathy exercise (cause I’m straight) and exploded into a trilogy. There’s an island involved, though.

    I’m on straight island And I’m indescribably sad Because I just lost my best friend And I want her back

    An island full of lesbian warriors?! I’ve always wanted to be an Amazonian…count me in!!!

    the only one problem is here The War. And what surprizes me, how everyone is willing to jump into it. Of course the story of peaceful coexisting is deadly boring 🙁

    If they were peacefully coexisting, they’d still be on the continents all together.

    James Savik says:

    Straight island civilization collapses due to over population. Gay island sends flowers. Lesbian island sneers and goes back to producing sensible shoes. Bisexual bucaneers loot during the chaos and carry off all the cuties.

    Sara Ferry says:

    I was giggling, and then when I got to “bisexual buccaneers from both ways bay” I laughed so hard I snorted!

    Wait! I’m the straight mother of a gay son! I’m through having babies! And I don’t want to live on the straight island! I want to live on the gay island with my son and all of my gay friends! I can be a Double Agent! I know how to infiltrate the enemy camp. Besides, I think the gay island would be so much fun! Send me there………pleeze!!!! P.S. – We need straight people to keep having those gay babies!!!!!!!

    Kevin Mykal says:

    As a gender fluid person, does this make me a sort of “seer” character who exists on all of the islands and none of the islands at the same time?

    Yes, you are some sort of spirit who exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time, knowing everything and communicationg with the pansexual panromantic oracles mentioned above, while helping the hero/ine overcome the trials they have to face.

    One of my friends posted this when I asked why we were attacking Straight Island instead of the government that seprated us: Thomas Vitkus Nonononono, the Straight Nation is engaged in a civil war. The Seperatists are by far greater in number compared to the Straight Allies, who are fighting for the right to reunite the islands so that they can keep their children who aren’t straight. They’ll have to learn the ways of the LGBTQAIslands in order to join forces and take on the Heterostate.

    All three would sustain life as the straight island continued to repopulate and produce gay and lesbian children who would then move to gay and lesbian island and maintain their circle of life. Also the gay and lesbian island could also would be there to raise and adopt the other children that be gay or not that would be thrown out or unwanted by the straight island and raise them and they would in turn move to said island of their sexual preference but eventually the straight island would eventually destroy itself in a whole as the gay and lesbian island would cope and get along and respect each other the straight island would still be under the influence of wars, violence and domestic violence and as of this day and age more than likely abort 90% of their expected children anyway. Or inbreed and make their generation sterile deformed humans. Then you would have those closet rednecks and cheating spouses who would be sneaking over to gay and lesbian islands and having same sex relations but it wouldn’t be so easy to keep it hidden. So pretty much society would cope the way it does now but the homosexuals would have a much more peaceful life on an island where hate didn’t exist.

    Jamz Ward says:

    It’s clear that Str8 Isle is the oppressive regime that segregated and banished all the queer people. Otherwise, why would the gay and lesbian population be seperated like that? All of the queer populations would find a way to regroup and rebuild the alliance. Meanwhile, straight allies would be seen as traitors to the straight cause and either be imprisoned or banished as well. Sympathetic allies would be a valuable asset in the invasion. Back on Str8 Island, the population would find some other asinine differences within their own population, like race, religion, eye color, etc. and tear apart their society from within.

    Julia Pierce says:

    If I’m straight and don’t care who you sleep with can I get amnesty? I can build things and can train all of your animals to do cool stuff. I’m also a great cook.

    I felt educated enough in the matter to chime in to the makings of this Dystopian LGBTI Island Adventure Novel. Most likely starring me, Austin Daniel. Annoyingly, this is mainly in response to the ignorance from a moronic post from “webelieveinyoukris” – whoever you are, and wherever you came from… You think being gay is unnatural, well, it’s actually totally natural, and it’s actually as a result of people like you. ahem… I’ll never forget the rabbit study that seems to conclude that homosexuality is the product of over population and diminishing resources in an environment with limited space. So, the denser the population of rabbits in a crammed cage – the higher the likelihood of baring homosexual offspring. This is because all life is connected (even bigots like webelieveinyoukris, are connected to gays) by a subconscious mind, or “god”, who knows what is the best possible response for the earth and generations to come. Kind of like how getting sick is our body’s best possible way of dealing with a pathogen. Being sick is not a problem, it is a strategy, or an answer to dealing with a problem, just like gays are the universe’s quirky plan to save the human race from themselves. That being said, here are some new rules to apply to these segregated vacation getaways… -The Gay and Lesbian islands will never die off, because as the “Straight” island bares homosexual offspring at a rate of about 5-10% LGBTI infants in the beginning, the LGBTI islands will always survive, they’ll just have a smaller population than the straight islands in their early stages. However, comma, -over time, the “Straight” Island, which while maintaining its limited geographic size and resources, will continue to become over populated and the percentage of LGBTI infants will increase as a result, to 20-25%, and so on, as the generations continue. As long as we have the resources to continue feeding people and surviving, these islands are no different than our current world and are merely a hologram of the entire earth and what’s going on right now anyway. But being trapped on small islands will result in the over populated “Straight” Island simply speeding up the creation of mostly gay babies, and the most fabulous gay island resort and butch island workshops ever. “Webelieveinyoukris”, if that was over your head, it’s because you’ve got a lot to learn.

    In the Game of Gays, you win or you die.

    Fun though these comments are they do miss the most important part of the set-up… “Divide them into groups of one.” how exactly is the straight person going to reproduce millions if they are alone, parthenogenesis? Even if he/she does master this technique (and the others don’t) that is a mighty small genepool 😉

    I might be on the roster for straight island, but can I put in a request to be relocated to one of the other islands or the sky domains? They sound like they have way more fun. And unity.

    At first, I was annoyed that polyamory was being ignored in all this, but then I realized that there’s no place in this story of violent rebellion against tyranny for an island where everyone loves each other, treats each other with equal respect, has great sex, and raises their children (wherever they come from) communally.

    Your island can be the paradise-like location for the heroes and heroines to visit for advice on keeping peace after the rebellion.

    Martin Klein says:

    Why the straight hate? Isn’t that just as phobic, anti and exclusive as the attitude that you ascribe to them? Should’t you be more tolerant, try to rise above these segregations? Instead, the post that straight up declares war on straight island gets massive upvotes. Maybe the people there aren’t so bad, at least most of them. Maybe they have relatives on the other islands that they love dearly and are devastated about the separation. … – you know, all I wanna say is, don’t condemn a whole group of people because of one asshole. If we really need a division, try to make one between the nice people and the assholes. And even then it’s a moral and social obligation to try to find out whether the person is actually an asshole by choice or out of cynicism or similar emotions, because, hey, look, maybe they’ve been rejected by others as well – not for their sexuality, but for the size of their feet or any other of the arbitrary reasons we are so good at finding.

    Martin Klein says:

    Steven Keirstead, I see your point, and I agree that it’s only human to have revenge fantasies against those who oppress or otherwise hurt you. But, like you said, this is entirely fictional. So allow me to place my own fantasy version of the three islands in a world where LGBT people and other minorities have learnt from the mistakes of others and risen above them. That even includes your argument of them being victims far more often than straight people – they’ve seen more violence and hate and thus have had more time to grow out of it, to reject the very concept of hate and oppression as a culture. And now, instead of attacking the straight island as a whole, be able to differentiate and resist these impulses. A man can dream, you know.

    Sometimes the best response to bigotry and ignorance, as exhibited by the origninal tumblr poster, is satire. It’s not really hate, but a creative way of releasing annoyance with those who cling to traditional ideas on opressing gays and lesbians in the face of liberalizing attitudes toward homosexuality in the USA. Most LGBTI people have a personal history of experience with intolerance directed at them. It’s natural they would be miffed, and have fantasies of revenge against those who would opress them. But don’t take it seriously. In real life, there would be no such violence, because there will never be three islands like the origninal poster envisioned. And in real life, LGBTI people are still far more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of it.

    Actually, that would be (is) a fantastic addition to the entire setup. It’s incredibly rare in the real world that we have “bad guys” and “good guys”. It’s never a division between “nice people” and a single asshole – it’s a division between the oppressed and the oppressors, and those oppressors are not always “assholes” at first glance. The oppressors are often likeable, charismatic, and well supported. The supporters to the oppressors are often a mix of people who believe in the oppression, those who haven’t been taught differently, and those who live in fear (for themselves, their family, etc) of what would happen if they did not support the oppression. Chances are in this Dystopian LGBTI Adventure Novel universe, not all the people on Straight Island are “bad”, or even homophobic. It would probably be similar to our own world. On Straight Island, among the mix of people you’d probably have: the homophobes/traditionalists, many of whom are probably the ones that created and enforced the separation and oppression in the first place – they are probably the loudest, making it seem like this is the majority of people, even if that’s not the case; the allies, in this case people likely living secretively, trying to build up resistance without drawing the attention of the homophobic overrulers; the ignorant/passive people, those that live on Straight Island not actively hating or supporting the separation, but at the same time not questioning what they’ve been taught or doing anything to actively change it; and the passive but supportive people, those that don’t necessarily hate the LGBTQ community, but who are benefitting so much from the system that they support it regardless of who it oppresses – they may even try to deny that the system oppresses anyone at all. It makes sense that in this universe, it was probably the worst of the people on Straight Island who not only created this system, but are still actively enforcing it. It also makes sense that, depending on when this system was established, after years/decades/whatever of living in this fashion the other islands have built up enough anger and resentment at their mistreatment and separation that many of them view the entire Straight Island (innocents and all) as being at fault. There are likely radical leaders on the other islands (and other outlying areas) who are as anti-straight as some of the straight leaders are anti-LGBTQ. Others likely know that there are people who are not directly responsible for their suffering, and try (but ultimately fail) to only attack those directly responsible. Plus a story that’s about a black-and-white situation where the oppressor is obvious, their supporters are limited to only a few people, and they are easy to take down (which they would be if it truly were only a handful of assholes) would not only be incredibly boring, it would be incredibly unrealistic. Even Disney does better than that. Whenever a war is waged, innocents will get caught in the crossfire – intentionally or unintentionally. Whether or not the war would be just in this case would probably be one of the great questions the reader would be left to answer on their own.

    How amazingly ignorant do you have to be to not understand that the Gay and Lesbain Islands would NOT ” wipe out in not even one century.” as ‘webelieveinyoukris’ claims. They would simply have a continual, steady emigration of people from Straight island. Duh!

    I’m a straight fan of the LGBT community – can I vacation on either of your islands?

    Sam Shepherd says:

    Does this “gay/straight/lesbian” rule include animals, and if so, does that mean the gay and lesbian island islands are overrun by animals who mate with animals of the same sex, or how do you decide that? what about when the animals all die off because they can’t reproduce? What about people who pretend to be straight/gay/lesbian just to join another island? How often do they send gay kids over? Do transgender people stay on the island of their sexuality, or do they just get a whole new island, and how do you figure out the sexuality of someone who isn’t just male or female? Does the Internet exist? What age does a person move to an island, and if they’re unable to take care of themselves, who takes care of them? How often do they meet? … How is separating people into different countries more “normal” than allowing people of all types to love together?

    Sam Thorp says:

    i’d like to add that “straight Island” would continue making babies…. LGBTQA babies….. as they always have…. presumably they’d be shipped out to thier designated colony….. gays & lesbians would conspire to have/ families of thier own….. so… gay and lesbian island would not be wiped out in a century….. just like we’ve existed since humans have existed…..

    Sam Shepherd says:

    Is this a book/movie/LARP yet, or can I still use the idea without being sued?

    What happened to transgender Island ?

    Amelia Davis says:

    I always forget. .. don’t read the comments if you are considered as having a nature that contradicts itself. Too many misinterpretations of clear wording, and flat out ignorance. I am pan, gender fluid, and Christian. Get over your ignorance and prejudice. You don’t like it when the normies do it, why lower yourself to do something you hate in others? Wouldn’t that make you a hypocrite?

    Only the lucky few escape the overpopulated hell that is Straight lsland and make it to the paradise of ALGBTIQ+ archipelago.

    Seeing as lesbian island could easily be the Amazonian island of Greek myth… don’t mess with lesbian island

    When’s the movie coming out (no pun intended)? Also what do the allies do if the bigot elders discover us? Like, is there an Isle of Allies that we flee to? Or do we get to choose where we live? Cuz personally, unless we get like manticores or something in the Isle of Allies (who wouldn’t want a giant lion scorpion bat) I’d wanna go live in the ace Sky City and fly on giant birds. Are the Ace Sky City birds exclusively Eagles or are there like… Giant ravens and crows and cardinals and bluejays and whatnot? I want a giant raven.

    Patutai Toki says:

    Though these stories are fantastic and made me smile. The truth is, no man is an island, in fact we are much smaller than that, we are a village. It takes a village to raise children. So that way they can learn to live amongst diversity instead of trying to survive it.

    I love your comment and love you for it. Thank you for being kind.

    Seriously tho the answer to the moron’s question is that eventually the Straight Island would overpopulate without strict birth control because IT’S AN ISLAND. After too many births out come the gay babies. Also trans lesbian here so, uh, yeah I gotchu covered with reproduction for the moment fam.

    Mary Tynan says:

    Just checking. . .when I, a straight mom, give birth to my gay child, what happens next? Is there a gay baby test? Will I give it at home, throwaway the results so I can keep my baby, and we will live in a don’t ask, don’t tell world? (hmm. . .sounds familiar). Or do hospitals administer the tests, and then the babies are whisked away (to their appropriate islands) from their evil gay baby producing straight parents–serves them right. Shouldn’t they know better, anyway? Oh wait, I have an idea, let’s make sure straight parents don’t reproduce, so they don’t make any gay babies and then all three islands, I mean the whole world, will be wiped out. Did you get dropped on your head as a straight baby? Maybe your mother wanted a gay baby and dropped you “by mistake.” Oops, you slipped. . . BANG!

    Lynne Derus says:

    I think Lesbian Island may have an advantage in superior camping skills…

    This is the best thing I have read in ages.

    Jenn Cole says:

    in act/book 2, it’s discovered that the straights have a secret weapon: a post-apocalyptic robot race called opinionators. they feed on dumb facts and are deployed to the other islands, fervently attempting to alter reality through foaming at the mouth, shaking their fists, and delivering decrees. but the queer nations simply use the decrees to start bonfire parties on the beach. eventually the opinionators’ foaming at the mouth rusts them into place. they become statues, monuments to the foolish ways of the straights and a warning for future generations.

    lets face it, the gay island would surivive and look FAB U LOUS


    Moya Kneega says:

    Dear OP: Guess what? We’re already ON straight island. (and it’s a little crooked)

    Damn, you’re right… When can I leave?

    The straight Island will get overpopulated and there will not be enough space or food to survive. So they will invade the other islands and because they will see them as lesser humans they will start a war.

    I feel that young transsexuals would make the best spies. I mean, before I transitioned, I was assumed to be a straight, though feminine, man. Now I’m viewed as a fairly normal girl who mostly just hides her sexuality. It would be nice to put my nickname of the ginger ninja into a practical application.

    I’m going to pretend to take the OP seriously. It’s a thing I do, so please bear with me. The premise needs to be tweaked for the experiment to make sense. As it is, the lesbian and gay islands cannot reproduce. Not because the inhabitants are homosexual, but because there is no alternate genders to reproduce with. An island of straight men would fare no better. So let’s just do two islands. We have Hetero Island and Homo Island. For the sake of a pure experiment, we’ll assume that everyone magically fits into the gender and sexuality binaries, and that children’s sexualities will always match their parents. Hetero Island has lots of sex, and as a result, has lots of children. Depending on the size of the island, they risk overtaxing their resources. Homo Island also has lots of sex, but this doesn’t result in children. Their population’s going to lag a little bit, but at some point or another, people on that island are going to think “I want to have children.” Biological imperatives and whatnot. But what’s a loving lesbian couple to do? Well, one of them has sex with one of the gay men. Sure, she’s not going to enjoy it that much, but it’ll hardly be the most unpleasant part of the pregnancy. Worth noting, since pregancy can only happen by design, Homo Island is not likely to strain their resources from overpopulation. So, in the long run, Homo Island actually has better survival odds than Hetero Island.

    Julia Stern I realize that. I was simplifying things to where everyone involved was either 100% male or 100% female to show that, even if the world was as black and white as the OP wants to think it is, the core argument is simply wrong.

    Julia Stern says:

    As has already been pointed out twice, lesbian trans women and gay trans men could also contribute to repopulation of the islands. Just sayin.

    Queercakes. I am not gay. But I think I love you.

    Chris Petts says:

    Do you think there would be airports on theses islands. If so the trisexuals [those that don’t like fitting into even non-conformists’ preconceptions, and thus are simply willing to try anything sexual, sometimes several times] could fly in and out from various islands as tourists. Or even take gap years.

    Sherry Stout says:

    I love all this imagination. When I read the original post and got to the phrase “opinionated by dumb facts,” my brain just shut down entirely.

    I’m a hetro woman & I’d LOVE this story! Come on authors out there make it happen!

    Pangender pansexual checking in… pretty sure my role here is “oracle that our hero goes to visit in a hidden lava cave somewhere”

    Rob Britt says:

    I like oracle sex

    There is no he, she, they. There is only We.

    Do not try and bend your gender. Only try to realize the truth, that there is no gender. Then you will see that it is not gender that bends, it is only yourself. Then you can totally assume whatever gender you need, infiltrate the strongholds and rescue your love 😉

    Lisa Daxer says:

    When in doubt, default to “they” 😛

    Oh, wise Olivia, true seer across all genders and all sexuality…. They who know all through their all seeing fabulousity… They who seclude themselves in a sea of fire to await the freedom of love! How do I rescue my girlfriend, who was cruely separated from me when the straight raids began? (Did I get the pronouns right? God I hope I got the pronouns right.)

    Three cheers for us oracles. ^_^

    It looks that webeliveinloveyoukriss idea of common sense arises from ignorance on how is real life indeed. Diversity is always better for any island…

    A ridiculous post made contact with the internet and exploded, creating thousands of ridiculous posts. Emergency services arrived but after a quick glance decided that everyone involved was probably going to fight them tooth and nail to remain in their prefered fantasy world, so decided to leave them to it.

    Steven Keirstead I wouldn’t know, I avoid American politics. It’s bad enough in my own country.

    Sarah Gaskell This tumblr feed only slightly less ridiculous than real life (e.g. Donald Trump’s fantasy campaign).

    Christopher Robert Adams Everyone seems hell-bent on hating “the other side”. If thats your idea of a party, don’t invite me.

    You must be fabulous at parties.

    Alex Viljoen says:

    Next the duo discovers the pansexual will now act asambassador to aquatic transgender nation. having to leave her eagle at gay nation, and travel by boats provided from both ways bay. once in the aquatic city they are recieved by the King and Queen from transatlantus

    Nate Curtis says:


    Auset O'Neal says:

    So anyway…Str8 Isle would get renamed Excluded Isle, bc No rational people would stay on it a second longer than necessary. It’d decline & fail under its own fas cist ugliness. Gay Isle and Lesbian Isle would take in all the escaping, sane straight folks and the pan/a/tran/Bi/etc-sexual people until their two Happy Isles formed a state of wonderful, happy, open minded, open hearted folks. Mainly, labels would go out of style. Folks would just be Folks. The Excluded Isle would become the third Happy Isle once the original fools faded away.

    I am The Archivist on Straight Island, subtlety changing the past so my allies from the other islands will be greeted as the promised homecoming saviours of a corrupt society imposed by a bunch of homophobic isolationists.

    … you won’t have to change a darn word of the record, let it speak for itself, because that is -exactly- what would happen


    Choose your own adventure!

    who ever asked this question has hateful and angry intentions they should pray in a tub filled with holy water . being straight is all an illusion reasons I see are reproduction first of all people are people and once population explodes you will have chaos cause of idiot thinking like yours everyone knows that we all put to much value on life and for some ppl too much value on death how about the ppl who are definitely more sexually advanced then most and where do the infertile ppl go and what do they do ? one thing I know about life is that there will always be an outsider there will always be a third party there will always be a doer observer and thinker the person that asked this question have hateful intentions and lack the ability to have great sex in my opinion ,cause there to busy hurting people I think but anyway this is a ugly question like a person cant be gay lesbian and straight ??? some of us been there and done all of that already .lol big deal . at the end of the day lesbians will build thier own boats and survive while the straights are to bored and the gays are having fun lesbians are smarter and more advanced then most in lastly in case we all look at the bigger picture spiritually and karmically straight ppl end up losing cause most of the straight people are not virgins so technically only virgins I believe make it to heaven us ppl damn areselves to hell on earth thinking sex is the answer straight people fuck up the world . gays and lesbians will win spiritually while straights will continue creating hell on earth while the innocent are spared in my opinion

    They say that listening to Madonna will become a federal crime on straight island.

    KaLia McColm says:

    where do I donate my money for this to become a feature film? I will do everything myslef if I have too. Also I am a bisexual gender confused female. Does this make me the goofy side kick that everyone loves that ultimately gives up their life for the hero but the gets resurrected at the end through the magic power of friendship?

    Sam Shepherd Please link when you do XD

    Sam Shepherd says:

    Karen Pease if this doesn’t exist soon, I’m writing it up myself.

    Karen Pease says:

    Seriously, why isn’t there a kickstarter link in this post?

    Haha this is very clever! I read the words “anti-gay Tumblr user” at the top of the article and I nearly herniated from laughter.

    I gotta say, the mood here on Straight Island is kinda tense with all the threats from abroad…

    Lisa Daxer says:

    Dude, you assume Straight Island is united! Lemme tell you, it’s not. There’s a lot of us speaking in whispers, planning sabotage, because our gay friends and family members got shipped off and we’re pissed off about it!

    Jamz Ward says:

    Well, when Straight Island started rounding up and interning our straight allies, they struck first. We must liberate our allies and reunite humanity!

    Brah, they wont even make it off the beaches… come on, they only have like 20% of the population tops… maybe 35% if you push it… and we’re fighting to protect our young… we got this.

    Owen Kuhn says:

    I for one welcome our new gay overlords.

    The people on so called straight Island will continue to produce gay kids…

    Straight people have gay children… so thank you straight island for populating the gay and lesbian islands for us. You have the babies and lose your figures and when it turns out ur kid is gay send em on down…. us gays love a reason to party (we definitely know how to throw them!!!) We could totally throw a huge luau for all the new arrivals

    Robyn Rye says:

    Wait until the other children of straight island hear about all the fun and openness… Soon you will have straight teens claiming to be gay just to live away from their strict parents 😀

    Oh what lovely rituals for the new arrivals could be created in the novel!

    in the meantime I (a gay trans man) will produce a lot of the cutest babies with those gay men on the gay island and we will raise happy kids with all the awesome gay daddies there.

    Lisa Daxer says:

    SO many gay daddies. Why stop at two per kid, right? 😛 …now I want a flock of gay daddies of my own.

    And you just got a ton of brownie points. ^.^

    Jax is an unquestioning young man who grew up on straight island certain of the dire threat that gay and lesbian island (with their asexual and bisexual allies) pose to all good things. He thought his mother weak when she wept as his younger sister was sent away for lesbian tendencies.He idolised his father who fell in battle for straight island in the first great sexuality war. But lost on the high seas and forced to accept life saving shelter from a group of pansexual surfers Jax begins to question everything. Will he cope when he discovers his own dad alive and well on gay island?

    Yési Worff says:

    We need this book.

    Everything changed when the Straight Nation attacked……….

    Stephanie Rebours-Smith They say that the more population pressure there is, the more people will be born gay. Whether this is an actual thing or not, I have no idea.

    Why has everybody forgotten to check in with the open minded sages to see if this is an auspacious time to attack? I know we live in a dark scary cave in the tallest mountain on the farthest island away from the nations of phobia, but our time spent meditating and pondering the existences of all mortals have given us special abilities. We can see the future and releport. So when you win your upcoming war, we shall come to you and organise the biggest celebration orgy ever imaginrd

    @Zachary Bryant Only the intersextranspansexualavatar mastered all four sexualities and gender identies.

    I think there’s more than one community on straight island. Probably two main factions, the Allies and the remnants of the government who set this system up. the allies provide support and intelligent from within until the narrow minded catch on and build themselves a fortress. .. straight fortress on straight island has ever dwindling supplies due to over population, though some do escape as pointed out elsewhere

    I finally understand why they called it bending. Thank you, friend. #lifegoals

    Oubert Poe says:

    i was sooooo gonna say the same

    Patutai Toki says:

    Gideon Sassoon this is a reference to “Avatar the last Airbender”

    Brian Farley says:

    It’s a twist on the opening for Avatar the Last Air Bender.

    Lisa Daxer says:

    Well, you can’t expect a story without its twists and turns. Straight Nation isn’t going to take all this lying down in missionary position, you know. They’ll have to counterattack, and the scrappy-but-outnumbered rebels will be beaten back by the sheer weight of numbers of the Straight Army. But Straight Nation is inflexible and unable to think quickly enough to outwit their flexible, ever-changing enemy; and they’ve oppressed their own people so badly that numerous ally defectors have weakened their infrastructure from within. Eventually, through sheer creativity, Straight Nation is outwitted, and the colossus, rotten at the legs, comes tumbling down.

    Serena Egger says:

    Gideon Sassoon Who knows, maybe they’re allies of gay island and are attacking from the side after the initial attack.

    Didn’t we attack first? “Checking in from bisexual bay: The boats are nearly complete and are equipped with a special invisibility function. We attack at dawn”

    Leon Wilborn says:

    OMG, this would make for a good series of books and movies….

    Jojo Soriano says:

    straight poeple on their island will keep doing their straight thing and kill each other off because they couldn’t agree on which God is the real God, and gay people understood that God is within not separated, and instead of fighting against any true religion, they actually focus on creating new technologies, and discover new ways to get off the island and begin space exploration.

    Jojo Soriano says:

    Oh the straight folks characterized in this fictional movie are in a sub island for straight fundamentalist Phariseecal radical religious types

    Jojo Soriano says:

    Mina Nielsen Was it? It’s been awhile since I saw that Jane Fonda movie.

    Mina Nielsen says:

    Jojo, is that the origin story for Barbarella? 🙂

    Lisa Daxer says:

    Britni Weiss Yes. yes, we can… Asexual/panromantic, genderqueer, and Christian here. God is love, and he has not banished us. 🙂

    Britni Weiss says:

    Queer people are/can be religious too.

    I reckon religion doesn’t afflict people based on sexuality. It’s like HIV in that it can infect anyone who isn’t careful or who is plain unlucky.

    also – if this government is willing to create such a policy just for sexuality, what other fascist policies would people have to contend with? Is there an age cap? A religious division? Eugenics? Are those subdivided? What about tourism? Are all the straight people just stuck on one island their whole lives, told horror stories and self-justifying reinforcements to keep them in place so they never step out of line and never want to leave? What about the PFLAG allies? What happens to them when they lose children, brothers, sisters, etc… Are their memories wiped? After so many attempts at this wouldn’t neurological disorders set in that LGBT people are spared? And how big are these islands? What about inbreeding? What about natural resources? at what point would heterosexuals reach their limit for these, and finally admit that this oppressive sacrifice is about as far from “natural” as anyone could get anyway?

    More important question: does the Original Poster own the copyright to any of this?

    Lisa Daxer Lisa you’re good people. Please know the kindness and compassion is much appreciated.

    Lisa Daxer says:

    I just wish they would stop using my faith as an excuse for hate.

    Im a demisexual writer and would love to have a go at writing this as a novella!

    Mikki Yepiz says:

    Kevin Free not religious here but a “God gene” has been identified by several researchers so maybe it’s not as much of a choice as you might think it is.

    Kevin Free says:

    The important difference here is that sexuality is not a decision and harms no one. However, most religions both necessitate belief in entities (the existence of which cannot be proven) and actively seek to affect the way their constituents form their beliefs and treat others, so yes, I do think it’s worthy of criticism.

    You can criticise someone without being bigoted towards religion generally. Homophobia is unacceptable, but so is talking about people “believing in a magical person in the sky”. Different people believe different things.

    I wouldn’t worry about a copyright suit from a person who believes a magical person in the sky is real and can tell them what to do. I’d worry more about such a person getting their trousers on the right way and finishing their breakfast cereal without choking to death as a result of chewing not being explicitly permitted in their imaginary friend’s rulebook.

    Why does the article claim this is an LGBTI adventure when neither trans nor intersex people are mentioned anywhere in the post? For that matter, where are the trans and intersex people in this imaginary world? Dear lord, how do you even begin to decide which island to send genderqueer people to?!!

    There are lots of trans and intersex/agender folks adding to it.

    Dominic Cloutier Ah, I see. A brief mention. Requires further expansion

    Lisa Daxer says:

    There’s gonna be plenty of straight ally defectors too. Double agents. Nobody on Straight Island suspects them… until they realize their top-secret plans have become common knowledge.

    I would hope all the gays and lesbians born on hetero island are transported to their perspective islands….so how does the original poster figure those islands will die off? Oh wait, that’s right, according to hetero folklore str8 people only give birth to str8 babies…gay people choose to be gay…my bad!

    Will Curtis That´s similar to asking “who was the first vampire?”

    Will Curtis: Could it be….SATAN???

    Like vampires lol

    Carley Scott says:

    lol, “hetero folklore.” Definitely gonna start using that.

    Will Curtis says:

    Jennifer Sloey Of coarse by that logic, they need to ask themselves…. Who “turned” the first person gay?

    Yeah, OP may be one of those people who thinks gay people only become gay because they’re “turned gay” by other gay people, who were in turn “turned gay” by somebody else. That’s why people like Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church think that “putting all gay people on an island so they can’t reproduce” would eliminate gay people. I suspect OP may have been referencing one of them.

    If it comes to survival you would not beable to do it for generations anyway all the islands would run out of resoures and all the people would eventually die.

    Florian Almagest – largest island, smallest continent. That’s Australia.

    Madison J Richard Yep, Australia isn’t an island at all, it’s a continent.

    Alejandro Asín ASSUMING the island is big enough ofcourse. When someone says island i dont think of australia first sorry lol

    If the island is large enough, there are enough renewable resources availabe. A human being can get by just by farming the land responsibly, and preserving what they have

    They did it in Australia and pretty much any lage enough island to have a civilization!

    Knave Murdok says:

    *I* will star in this movie!

    And on that hetro island she realized that everyone was deserving of love and hoped that at that critical moment of revolution it would be love that was valued not the plumbing

    Shaun Dunn says:

    Omgosh this is awesome posts that homophobe post turned it to something incredible lol