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This inspiring ad tackling homophobic slurs will move you to tears

This inspiring ad tackling homophobic slurs will move you to tears

Gay man wearing rainbow top with the brand logo Fanta on it

An inspiring ad is making the rounds on social media for completely changing the game with one particular homophobic slur.

In Brazil, people say ‘This Coke is a Fanta’ as an insult to gay people. They saying it when they’re calling a man feminine or gay.

But now Coca-Cola is reclaiming the phrase and putting a positive spin on it.

The rousing video starts off by saying: ‘The world is full of homophobic expressions.’

As examples, they list ‘sword swallower’, ‘pillow biter’ and ‘he plays for the other team’. But in Brazil, they say: ‘Essa coca é fanta.’

The video then states: ‘It might look like an innocent joke… but it’s not.’

Man in gold paint and horns holding a Coke

So Coca-Cola created a limited edition Coke can, but filled it with Fanta.

The video later states: ‘A single can turned a homophobic expression into a symbol of Pride.’

The phrase became a hit during Carnival earlier this year, with many taking to social media to express their like for it.

It even got the attention of Brazil’s hugely successful drag entertainer Pabllo Vittar. She said on Instagram: ‘I am amazed by Coke Fanta!’

You have to see the video:

It’s not the first time Coca-Cola produced an amazing pro-LGBTI ad.

Last year, the big brand made waves when it released an ad of a brother and sister fighting over the same guy.

The siblings fight to see who can give the sexy pool boy a cool refreshing Coke first.


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