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This is exactly how a mob tricked a gay Nigerian into getting naked, beat him and ruined his life

This is exactly how a mob tricked a gay Nigerian into getting naked, beat him and ruined his life

Port Harcourt with the victim (inset).

A young gay Nigerian was lured to a friend’s house, encouraged to strip naked for sex and then beaten with planks by neighbors.

Gay Star News was contacted by the LGBTI Nigerian NoStringsPodcast with a request to publicize the story. Thanks to them, we can share full details of the attack and how the young man is now living homeless.

The victim, identified only as Abraham, is believed to be between 20 and 22 and the attack happened at Port Harcourt, in the south of Nigeria, on 13 December.

Mike Daemon of NoStrings spoke to Abraham and the man who entrapped him while the mob was still holding him prisoner.

Abraham met the other young man at a pharmacy where he goes to collect drugs for his asthmatic mother. It is believed the man is the manager there.

They became friends, chatting regularly on the phone and on WhatsApp.

Abraham told NoStringsPodcast: ‘.We were only chatting as good friends until he inquired about why I was so serious with him, and if I was in love with him.

‘I told him that I really liked him and that I felt like I was with a woman each time I was with him, so he invited me over so we could see to talk more. That was when I decided to go see him.

‘I realized I was gay in 2008, while I was still in school, and ever since then I have found it really hard to stop.’

The chemist’s manager admitted to NoStrings he had lured Abraham to his house.

He said: ‘I knew this guy was a homosexual when he started calling me frequently and constantly wanting to meet me.

‘I actually thought he was joking until when he came to my house, and asked that we have sex.

‘That was when I excused myself to go to the bathroom to call my friends on the phone, who mobilized friends and neighbors.’

It is believed the pharmacy manager encouraged Abraham to strip naked and then seized his clothes before calling in the mob.

‘I have asked them not to beat him, but really I may not be able to help the situation if they go against that.’

NoStrings arrived at the scene to find the mob armed with planks, slapping and beating Abraham while he was still naked.

The neighbors threatened to call the police but recognized officers would likely not take him to court, despite Nigeria having some of the harshest laws in the world against homosexuality. The mob believed the police would demand bail cash from Abraham so they could corruptly pocket the money.

The pharmacist told NoStrings they had called Abraham’s parents ‘so that we can inform them of the situation, so they can know what their child is doing.

‘We wouldn’t want to proceed with arresting him or anything of that nature, as the family is a good customer and they do not have money to get him out of the situation if the matter goes to the police.’

It is not clear if the mob stole anything from Abraham but theft is often a part of these vigilante attacks.

And this wasn’t the end of the nightmare for Abraham.

NoStrings identified his family home where they met with a Nigerian woman in her 40s who confirmed she was his mother.

She told them that Abraham was no longer living there.

‘When he came back with [his] father [from the incident], he just quietly went into the room and packed his things. I asked him where he was going to, but he said, “I do not know.”

‘I think [his] father did not want him around again. His father has been crying since last night.’

NoStrings visited the pharmacy and asked the manager for Abraham’s number.

He eventually provided it but told them: ‘I will need to be compensated too, after all it would’ve been worse for me if he succeeded in having anal sex with me. Whatever you are doing, make sure I also get some cash for trapping this young man for you, here is the number.’

When they spoke to Abraham they discovered he is now homeless.

‘I am in a market, at the end of the day, I sleep there when the market is closed, I know God will help me out of this situation and change me,’ he told them.

NoStrings says what happened to Abraham is typical of the risks young gay Nigerians run. They urge them to be extremely cautious about meeting other men and always to meet in a public place first.