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This is how a gay dancer was cast to play Deadpool

This is how a gay dancer was cast to play Deadpool

Deadpool dances in heels

You might have seen the hilarious music video of Deadpool dancing to a Celine Dion track.

Yanis Marshall, a French choreographer, was asked by star Ryan Reynolds to play his dancing double.

It was Ryan who had the idea to ask the viral video star and Britain’s Got Talent finalist to perform as the foul-mouthed pansexual superhero.

And he wanted him to do it in what Yanis is known for – heels.

‘I don’t even watch those kinds of movies!’ he told the Canadian Press. ‘I watch Pretty Woman!’

He added: ‘I’m glad I did it because it’s actually hilarious.’

On performing in costume, Yanis said: ‘The suit is the worst ever. It’s a nightmare. Don’t get me wrong the suit is beautifully made, but it’s not made to dance in.

‘It’s 100 degrees inside of that, and you can’t really breathe or see anything.’

On performing with Ryan, he called him the ‘best’.

Will pansexual superhero Deadpool get a boyfriend?

When the first film was released in 2016, Reynolds said he ‘loved’ the character is pansexual.

‘I love that he can break any boundary,’ he said. ‘In the future, I hope we get to do that more.’

On getting a male love interest, he said: ‘I certainly wouldn’t be the guy standing in the way of that. That would be great.’

Producer Simon Kinberg said the filmmakers wanted to honor the character’s sexuality in the first movie and were definitely open to showing Deadpool with a boyfriend in a future installment.

‘We did in subtle ways, there’s veiled references to it in this film,’ he said. ‘It’s in the DNA of the character.’

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