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This is the lineup at UK Black Pride 2018

This is the lineup at UK Black Pride 2018

It’s UK Black Pride 2018 this Sunday 8 July and it’s going to be the biggest to date. 

As europes largest not-for-profit event for African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean-heritage Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans peopl the lineup for the festival in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens this year is fierce.

The UK Black Pride lineup will include performances by artists that represent the ever-growing and influential creativity and innovation that keeps Black LGBTI people at the forefront of music, dance, and art.

Scroll down for the full stage line up.

UK Black Pride founder Phyll Opoku-Gyimah at Pride in London | Photo: DIVA

Leading the UK Black Pride entertainment team is Mwice-Margaret Kavindele, founder of Cocoa Butter Club:

I have undertaken the task of curating the UK Black Pride 2018 stage personally and seriously because it is an opportunity for us all to see what bodies of color are capable of and, in the current climate, understanding that we can be what we want is really cemented within us when we do this for ourselves,’ she says.

‘When an organization as groundbreaking and important as UK Black Pride curates performances for the community it matters.

‘The lineup has been chosen not only because each performer is talented, inspiring and captivating, but also because each reveals to us who we can be.’

The headliners at UK Black Pride 2018

Jamaican singer Alicai Harley will perform on the main stage at UK Black Pride. | Photo: Gold video/YouTube

Headlining the UK Black Pride 2018 stage are performers from across the diaspora, including singer Alicai Harley. 

‘I feel that society’s attitude towards homosexuality has come a long way,’ Harley says.

‘However, there are still many barriers to be broken down in the Black and LGBTI community. UK Black Pride is important in helping to eliminate many of the barriers that are still in place.

‘I’m a Jamaican girl that sings Dancehall music when Dancehall is associated with homophobia.

Im extremely excited to perform at UK Black Pride because it allows me to do my part to challenge that misconception, so Im all for it!’

Joining Harley, as co-headliner, is rap artist Roxxxvn. Throughout the day, poet Staceyann Chin and drag performance artist FKA will also perform.

UK Black Pride will also have a number of speakers to join the celebrations.

From the Labour Partys Rt. Hon. Dawn Butler MP, to Jason Jones, the activist who brought the landmark legal challenge that is leading the Government of Trinidad to decriminalize being gay.

‘People can identify with our struggle’

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah at London’s Southbank Centre in 2014 | Photo: Wiki

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, UK Black Pride Executive Director is really proud of this year’s line up:

‘What I really hope is that people get chills listening to our speakers, hearing their story and identifying with their struggle.

‘I hope people pound their feet on the ground, let out everything theyve bottled up, and see the possibility and potential of our lives.

At Gay Star News, as a proud media partner of UK Black Pride 2018, we put together an exclusive live stream featuring some of the performers and activists ahead of the weekend.

We focused on talking about not only why pride matters to them on the day, but how it shapes their black LGBTI identity all year round.

Watch the show now:

The full UK Black Pride lineup

  • Main Stage
  • 12:00 DJ Gen
  • 12:45 DJ Kaspa
  • 13:15 DJ G (Exilio)
  • 13:45 DJ Kartel Brown
  • 14:30 Hosts
  • 14:45 Guest Speakers
  • 15:00 DJ Kartel Brown / DJ Sensi
  • 15:45 One Minute Silence and choir
  • 15:50 Nawi Collective
  • 16:00 DJ Traxx & Smoochie
  • 16:45 King Dee
  • 17:00 StaceyAnn Chin
  • 17:10 FKA
  • 17:15 BISHI
  • 17:30 DJ Big John
  • 18:00 Afro Swagg
  • 18:10 Jessbelle Thunder
  • 18:15 PJ Samuels
  • 18:25 Saffron
  • 18:30 Toya Delazy
  • 18:45 Roxxxvn
  • 19:10 Alicai Harley
  • 19:30 Aaron Cartys Beyonce Experience
  • 19:50 UK Black Pride Team
  • 20:00 DJ Biggy C
  • 21:00 End


  • Moud Gouba & Pav Akhtar – UKBP Directors
  • Travis Alabanza – Performer and Trans Activist / Campaigner
  • Rikki Beadle-Blair – Writer / Performer & Educator


  • Rt. Hon. Dawn Butler MP (Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities)
  • Ruth Hunt (Stonewall, Headline Sponsor)
  • Linda Riley (DIVA, Headline Sponsor)
  • Gizden Akdur (Istanbul Pride campaigners from the Kurdish, Turkish, Cypriot LGBTQ Group)
  • Jaevion Nelson (Jamaican Federation of Lesbians and Gays)
  • Jason Jones (Decriminalising Homosexuality in Trinidad campaign)
  • Reeta Loi & Deepak Kashyap (Gaysians)
  • Albert Kennedy TrustSpeaker
  • Lady Phyll & the UK Black Pride team

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