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LGBTI people of color deserve their own dating app

LGBTI people of color deserve their own dating app

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The division that exists in the gay community today has become a problem.

Many have heard the dissent in regards to many gay dating apps. It is not uncommon to see profiles that hide racial discrimination behind terms like “preference”.

Some who express these “preferences” seem to think that others are just whining about being rejected.

This is not the case.

People log into these apps to have a good time.

It hurtful to see you are not good enough due to the color of your skin on peoples profiles. Especially when this comes, even before a conversation has started.

Who wants to log into an app and see that?

It is not about the rejection, everyone faces that from time to time. It is about the open bigotry hidden behind the use of the word ‘preference.’

Time for a new space

For the many people of color who want a dating app without division, we’ve created Noir.

It’s an app that caters to people of color, but all are welcome. Coming to Noir requires an open mind and an open heart.

However, bigotry will NOT be tolerated in Noir.

It’s a place for people of color ranging from Black to Latino to Asian to Indian and lovers of diversity. 

The hope for Noir is that it will weed out those who have such “preferences”.

If you would prefer to not be with a Black person, Latino person or Asian person then clearly Noir is not for you.

The only segregation here lies between folks that are ok with practicing racial discrimination and folks that are not ok with it. If you are ok with it and wish to continue to shut out an entire group based on their color, Noir is not the place for you.

If you wish to not be around such things, Noir welcomes you with open arms.

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It’s more than just a dating app

It creates a positive representation for people of color in an environment where representation is lacking. People of color rarely get to see themselves represented in the mainstream apps available.

The advertisements feature happy people of color in a positive light. Even down to minor details such as default profile images.

It is important for people of color to see themselves represented positively in a community full of imagery of well chiseled white men advertising everything from circuit parties to dating.

Noir answers a call; it shows gay people of color that they are being heard.

It’s an attempt to recreate the environment of Harlem’s black-owned nightclubs from the 1920s.

In the 1920s, these were safe places for all kinds of people, though they primarily catered to the black community.

Everyone was welcome.

Harlem’s clubs were also the first places where gay people were accepted.

These were clubs where people of color got to enter through the front door. Where the service was centered on black people.

The success of Noir depends on the community support. The more support, the better Noir gets.

I hope you join us.

Noir is available on iPhone, and will soon be available on Android.