This is why Tyler, the Creator asked Jaden Smith for d*** pics

Tyler, the Creator and Jaden Smith

Tyler, the Creator has admitted he asks friends such as Jaden Smith to send him ‘dick pics’ in a new interview.

During an interview with Fantastic Man, the star also takes a call from Jaden son of Hollywood actor Will Smith. He signs off the conversation by saying ‘send dick pics.’

‘I always tell people to send dick-pics when I hang up, because it’s so awkward,’ he then explained. ‘Like, what the fuck did you say?’

‘There are some things that are just unexplainable’

Tyler also opened up about his sexuality in a new interview, after first addressing the subject on his 2017 album Flower Boy.

Speaking about the response to the lyrics, California-born star said: ‘It’s still such a grey area with people, which is cool with me. Even though I’m considered loud and out there, I’m private, which is a weird dichotomy. The juxtaposition of loud and quiet is weird.’

He furthermore added: ‘It’s a literal question and the thing about humans is we hate not having an answer. We hate not being in the know. So people will bullshit answers, make shit up, instead of being just, like.

‘I don’t know. There are some things that are just unexplainable.’

Last month, rap icon Eminem caused controversy by calling Tyler a ‘faggot’ on track Fall from his new album Kamikaze.

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