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This non-binary chef figured out the best way to show the ‘heat or eat’ crisis

This non-binary chef figured out the best way to show the ‘heat or eat’ crisis

Jack Monroe

SPONSORED: There was a time when Jack Monroe was unemployed and living on benefits.

In the colder months, Monroe often had to choose between keeping the heating on, or having a proper meal that day. But not both.

As a single parent, Monroe, who identifies as non-binary, started a blog called A Girl Called Jack (now renamed to Cooking on a Bootstrap) to help other people in their situation.

Heat or eat
Heat or eat

Monroe creates recipes for people on extreme budgets. The blog then went viral and Monroe now has two books under their belt, entitled A Girl Called Jack: 100 Delicious Budget Recipes and A Year in 120 Recipes.

Monroe is widely cited as the first public figure in the UK to come out as non-binary.

To heat or to eat

But now Jack Monroe has their sights set on changing the way we look at the ‘heat or eat’ ultimatum.

In partnership with npower, Monroe created a pop-up restaurant in London’s north.

The experiment was clear, make people experience what hundred of thousands of families in the UK face every day.

Monroe prepared food for unsuspecting guests, but blasted the air conditioning in the restaurant. When guests complained of the cold, the heat was turned up. Waiters then collected the plates in front of the guests, sometimes even mid-bite.

The experiment aims to help raise money for those in need. The npower Foundation raises money for the Fuel Bank™ scheme, an initiative started to help alleviate pressure on struggling families.

Fuel vouchers are given out alongside food banks across the UK.

Find out more about the Fuel Bank™ scheme and how you can get involved.