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This teen girl came out as bi to her mom, only to learn her mom is bi as well

This teen girl came out as bi to her mom, only to learn her mom is bi as well

When 15-year-old Maia came out as bi to her mom, she was surprised to learn that her mom is bi, too

Maia, a 15-year-old from Belgium, recently came out as bisexual to her mother. To her surprise, her mother was not only supportive, but shared the fact that she is bisexual as well!

The story

On Friday, 8 February, Maia Tweeted the following:

‘I can’t sleep I’m just so happy,’ Maia Tweeted in a follow-up. ‘I’ve been feeling so awful about myself and just everything and tonight my mom accepted me… it’s just so overwhelming. And I’m so grateful. I thought I would never feel like this again.’

Coming Out

GSN spoke to Maia about her experience coming out to her mom.

‘I had just seen the latest episode of Skam France in which Eliott comes out to his crush Lucas and him being so brave inspired me to be brave as well,’ she explains. ‘It made me feel incredibly proud of my identity.’

‘I asked my mom if we could go on a walk and she said sure and so we walked around the block. And then I asked her if she wanted to listen to some music with me and she said yes, again,’ Maia recalls.

‘I knew from past experiences that coming out in person is so, so much harder than coming out online as it’s way more confrontational.’

Maia prepared to come out as she searched for the perfect song.

‘I opened my music app and scrolled until I found this song called Girls by Girl in Red. My thumb hovered over the play button for a while until I finally decided to just let go and be me and be proud of who I am. At first, I couldn’t even look at her. I was so in my head just thinking about all the possible things that could happen now. And when I dared to look at her, I just couldn’t hold in my tears. She hugged me until my breathing started evening out again and we continued walking. She looked at me and said, “I won’t look at you any different. You’re still the same person. It’s normal to feel this way. Did you know that the first person I ever loved was a girl I met in high school?”’

Surprising reaction

‘I always knew my mom was supportive, but I never thought she would understand,’ Maia says. ‘I can’t even explain it. After we walked home, I just told her I didn’t want to go inside yet and I needed to be alone for a second. I realized that I actually did it: I came out to my mom and it was okay. It was even better than okay! I don’t even really know why I Tweeted it and I certainly didn’t expect it to reach this type of audience or even get this much attention. But I’m happy it’s helped people and has given them a sense of hope. It’s all just super surreal.’

LGBTI love & acceptance

The following day, Maia Tweeted out her support for the LGBTI people who aren’t as fortunate in having supportive parents.

‘I’m always here for you,’ Maia assured her Twitter followers. ‘You deserve all the love and acceptance in the world and one day you will get it.’

‘It can hurt so much to have your parent tell you that your identity isn’t valid and to not understand,’ Maia tells GSN. ‘But it’s even more important to realize how strong you are and that if they don’t support you, you’re strong enough to go on. If they don’t support you, at least you’re brave enough to be your most authentic self. And even if they don’t support you, you’re intelligent enough to realize that even though they won’t be the ones to give you the love and support you deserve, other people *will* love you for who you are and accept you just the way you are.’

‘A supportive family would be fantastic, but it’s often not realistic,’ she states, recognizing how lucky she is.

Love Yourself

‘I think it’s really important to be kind to yourself and to have patience with yourself,’ she continues. ‘It’s not easy, accepting yourself. It’s not ideal at all. I’ve struggled so much with coming to term with my sexuality and even when I realized and labeled myself, I still told myself, “I should be grateful I’m bisexual, at least I can pretend to be straight.” I remind myself of that often, to just put into perspective that I have really come a long way. So many people have so much internalized homophobia, so much that they start to hate themselves because of who they’re attracted to and because of who they want to be loved by and give love to.’

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