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This trans activist wants to launch India’s first transgender political party

This trans activist wants to launch India’s first transgender political party

Trans activist Chandramukhi Muvvala from India

Chandramukhi Muvvala, a 32-year-old trans woman, announced she will run for an Assembly seat in elections in South India this week.

If she had enough support in her native Hyderabad, Chandramukhi would form a new transgender political party, she told the Times of India.

‘Nowadays, power is enjoyed only by a few sections. I want to change that,’ she told local media on Wednesday (Nov 21).

For now, she is campaigning in Telangana elections as a Bahujan Left Front candidate.

No party had come forward to give ticket to a transgender to contest polls. Thankfully, BLF gave me the ticket’, she told Times of India.

Chandramukhi said it was time for trans people to be treated equally.

‘We should also have a say in all government schemes and programmes and 2-3% reservation in legislatures’ she reportedly said.

India’s transgender population have said they continue to experience violence despite a landmark win for the LGBTI community earlier this year.

In September, India’s Supreme Court ruled that a law making gay sex illegal was not constitutional. What’s more, the judges enshrined LGBT equality.

But trans women claim they remain vulnerable to violence, including from police.

India’s trans politicians

The country has had four elected trans officials.

India elected its first transgender lawmaker back in 1998. Shabnam Bano, was elected member of the Madhya Pradesh State Legislative Assembly.

Bano is set to make a political comeback this year.

India has also had three transgender elected mayors. Kamla Jaan became mayor of Raigarh in 2000. Madhu Kinnar took the position in 2015.

Aha Devi Aryanayakam was elected mayor Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, in the same year.