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This Ugandan presidential candidate promises to build ‘correction centers’ for gay people

This Ugandan presidential candidate promises to build ‘correction centers’ for gay people

Abed Bwanika wants correction centers for gay people

Ugandan presidential candidate Abed Bwanika has said he wants every single gay person’s ‘demon’ to be ‘chased out’.

Speaking to a youth-dominated audience in Kampala yesterday, the People’s Development Party leader has said he will set up ‘correction centres’ for gay people if he is made president.

‘Uganda is no area for homosexuality,’ he said.

‘We cannot accept to be pushed into homosexuality by the west. All homosexuals will be rehabilitated because they have demons and we have specialists to chase out demons’.

The ‘promise’ by Bwanika is in stark contrast to his opponent Amama Mbazazi who made history by being the first presidential candidate in Uganda to back gay rights. He said he was ‘opposed to homophobia’ and said homosexuality was not a threat to the country.

They are both running against the current president, Yoweri Museveni, who signed several anti-LGBTI measures into law.

Edwin Sesange, director of African LGBTI organization Out and Proud Diamond Group, said it was ‘cheap’ of Bwaika to misguide voters that homosexuality is being imposed on Uganda by the West.

‘It is a deliberate poor judgement on his side to claim that LGBTI people are demonic and can be rehabilitated,’ he said.

‘We request him to base his political campaign on facts not propaganda. Uganda as a nation has many issues that need to addressed during this presidential campaigns like poverty,  health care, education sector, unemployment among others.’