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This video game let’s you experience LGBTI life in China

This video game let’s you experience LGBTI life in China

A Gay's Life (Photo: 66rpg)

An online game exploring everyday LGBTI life in China has been warmly received by netizens at home and abroad.

A Gay’s Life tackles themes of accepting one’s sexual orientation, coming out to friends and family, and navigating gay dating.

Gamers play as Ling Hao, a young gay man from a small town.

Users make choices in different situations and earn ‘self-acceptance points’.

There are nine different endings to the game. These include Ling Hao living happily ever after with his doctor partner.

In another ending, he marries a straight woman. Another ending sees him going through ‘conversion therapy’ to become a monk.

Huang Gaole, a 27-year-old PhD candidate in computer science based in Beijing, developed the interactive game.

‘I hope through an easy-to-read, immersive, emotional, and interesting interactive story, I’ve created concrete figures to show some of the awkward situations that gay people around me still face in today’s society,’ he told the South China Morning Post.

Nearly 2,000 netizens have commented on the game.

One user said they found the game very educational. ‘Homosexuals, must be very good, very determined, in order to get the same treatment as others can get’ they said.

Ken Wong, founder of Mountains Goes, also expressed his support for the game.

‘”A Gay’s Life” is a web game that looks inspired by #FlorenceGame but is GAY and CHINESE which is frickin’ awesome’ he wrote on Twitter.

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