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Three gay men spend three hot days in Naples, Italy

Three gay men spend three hot days in Naples, Italy

An Italian, a German and a London gay man found themselves in the streets of Naples for the annual Gay Pride celebration.

The biggest city in southern Italy gets quite hot in the summer, but our travelers were keen to scope out the tastes and sights of Napoli.

Before and after the parade, the three men (including our GSN team member Marcus James) took to the streets of Naples in search of some legendary pasta (or pizza) and to check out the tourism spots.

So what was Naples like for our three amigos?

‘The Gay Pride demonstration was small, but mighty.’


‘Shabby chic. Beautiful, classic architecture mixed with busy city streets with a cool urban feel.’


‘The architecture is BEAUTIFUL!’


‘Naples is a city you look up in.’


‘It’s easy to get lost. I loved the random squares. We came across one with couples waltzing to live music.’


‘The food. THE food. THE FOOD!’


‘The big, muscular statues are kind of homoerotic. All the god’s faces are very sexual charged with masculinity.’


For LGBTI travelers exploring with partners, our boys on the road reported Naples is very romantic, with loads of cafes and squares to explore on your own or with a partner. For LGBTI singles (at least the men) our travelers can report there were lots of sideway glances from locals and other travelers.

‘It’s a pretty cruisy city. We got a lot of looks, and then look-backs.’


While they didn’t have the chance to get to a gay bar, the trio do recommend The Bellini House, an old converted palace in the center of Naples, a gay-owned bed and breakfast worth checking out should you plan a trip to the city.

From the most amazing-looking pizza to stone walled-squares, here’s a look at what else to see on a weekend in Naples.

Piazza Trieste e Trento


Obelisk dell’Immocolata


Toledo Train Station


Naples Cathedral

Castel Nuovo


Galeria Umberto