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Three Kenya lesbians sexually assaulted in beer bottle attack

Three Kenya lesbians sexually assaulted in beer bottle attack

Three lesbian women were brutally assaulted and sexually molested in downtown Nariobi, the capital of Kenya.

Identity Kenya reported and independently verified the three women spent the night together in the same bed and were attacked by two men last Thursday (16 August).

The assailants, known as ‘Herb’ working at a local bar, and ‘Blacki’, a khat (stimulant drug) dealer reportedly knew the women.

Identity Kenya reported the men said they were going to ‘funza the lesbians adabu’ (teach the lesbians a lesson) for what it is thought they described as behaving like men and taking up the role of men in sex.

They punched and kicked the women and proceeded to tear their clothes and sexually assault them.

The women were threatened with more violence and death should they report the matter to any police station.

One of the victims Jane (name changed to protect her identity) told Identity Kenya that it is part of a pattern of attacks in Nairobi but previously they had been ‘low-scale’.

These incidents, according to Identity Kenya, were reported to lesbian groups in Nairobi but no action was taken since the victims were ‘not members of any group’.

The three women suffered head injuries but only one victim recorded a statement on the incident with the police before fleeing to take refuge away from the capital.

The whereabouts of the two other victims is currently unknown although it is reported that they had suffered extensive head injuries from being beaten with beer bottles and therefore require medical attention.

Activists say that they may also be in need of post-rape trauma counselling.