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Three men arrested after handing out homophobic flyers in Amsterdam

Three men arrested after handing out homophobic flyers in Amsterdam

This hate flyer is being handed out in Amsterdam

Three men have come forward after homophobic flyers were distributed to homes in Amsterdam last weekend.

The flyers, which called on all religions to ‘unite against homosexuality’, spread false information including that 29% of children to same-sex parents suffered sexual abuse.

The men’s identities have not been released beyond the information that the group consisted of two 29-year-olds from The Hague and a 39-year-old from Rotterdam.

They turned themselves in on Thursday, after police had identified a fourth man from CCTV images.

Although he was apparently not involved in the group’s actions, he was out and about with the men when they were also distributing the pamphlets.

During the interrogation on Thursday, police said the three men confessed to handing out the flyers in the city’s West and Nieuw-West neighborhoods.

They reportedly claim they didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but rather to ‘spark a discussion’.

Reportedly, they decided to distribute them in Amsterdam because it’s commonly referred to as the country’s gay capital.

The men have been released while the Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating whether what they did constitutes an offence.

Police also said there was no connection between the three men and the Facebook page printed onto the flyers.

They also said there were no connections to two Turkish hate preachers, as previously alleged in a number of Dutch media outlets.

In response to the pamphlets a number of Amsterdam organisations released a counter publication.

COC Amsterdam

Their flyer, showing the rainbow and the trans flags and the symbols of all three major religions, makes a statement for diversity.

It reads:

‘Whether you’re lesbian, homo, bi, trans, or queer bent or heterosexual,
Whether you’re a Christian, Jew or Muslim, following another faith or Atheist,
Whether you’re a combination of one and another, or none of these,
Diversity is what counts
Diversity makes us human.
The Amsterdamer stands for the rights of others to be themselves,
The Amsterdamer opposes ideas of dicrimination.’