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Three steps to the perfect James Bond shave

Three steps to the perfect James Bond shave

From multiple blades to vibrating razors, men are taught that the secret to a perfect close shave lies in the ingenuity of your grooming weapon of choice.

But in truth, it’s not how big your razor is but what you do with it that counts.

Unlike tying your shoelaces or riding your first bike, most men are never shown how to shave properly.

According to new market research, the majority of men, 56%, were not taught by their father or brother how to shave and just figured it out themselves leading to 32% of men cutting themselves almost every time they shave.

The research by Mira Showers also revealed that 54% of men are shaving at completely the wrong time of day – either before they shower or in the evening before bed.

However, when you’re scraping a knife across your face every day from your teenage bum fluff years to your grave, shaving is a pretty important life skill when you think about it.

Tired of suffering from an irritating rash on my neck after my morning shave and seduced by the idea of being given a close shave with a cutthroat razor, I signed up for a master class with one of London’s top professional barbers.

After all, if it’s good enough for James Bond in Skyfall, it’s good enough for Matthew Jenkin at GSN.

Melogy in London’s opulent St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is an award-winning men’s grooming salon founded by GQ ‘Barber of Choice’ Carmelo Guastella.

Its team of experts combine traditional barbering with the latest techniques, products and trends.

After pampering my face with hot towels, massaging soothing oils into my skin Miguel carefully took his glimmering razor to my beard and revealed the secrets to getting the perfect shave.

1 Preparation

The perfect shave is all down to preparation and what you do beforehand, Miguel explained.

Buying a fancy razor may make you popular in the locker room, but if you don’t start by treating your skin with respect, you’re not doing yourself any favors in the long run.

Shaving in the shower can really help soften the skin and moisturize. It really soaks all the oils up.

2 Go with the flow

Try shaving with the grain. At the most, shave sideways, but never against the grain as you tend to get ingrowing hairs and irritation.

3 After care

Finally, use really good after care like aloe vera or oils which will help repair the skin.

Most people are never taught how to shave. Rather, they are taught by Gillette adverts or their dad who probably wasn’t taught how to shave properly either.

If you fancy a close shave with a cutthroat barber, visit the Melogy website.

Or if you see yourself as James Bond, you can learn to be as smooth as 007 at the newly opened London School of Shaving. Visit their website here.