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Guess the 3 superstars considered for Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born role

Guess the 3 superstars considered for Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born role

Lady gaga a star is born ally

A Star Is Born has done the incredible job of transforming Lady Gaga, one of the most famous singers in the world, into one of the most desired actresses today.

But years before the already iconic remake of the movie was released earlier this year, the idea for making a new version of the film was always on the studio’s mind.

Warner Bros. considered remaking the film since the 90s and their suggestions for who would play co-lead Ally provide a unique timeline of some of the top singers of the time.

‘Anytime a big pop star broke, we would talk about it,’ producer Bill Gerber told Variety.

‘Hey, should we do A Star Is Born with Lauryn Hill or Aaliyah? Whitney Houston had been talked about way back when.’

Back in 2016, another super star was in the role: Beyonce. The Single Ladies singer reportedly left the production over a pay dispute.

Superstars through the ages

Lady Gaga revealed she was dealing with personal tragedy while on the set of the film.


In the last scene of the movie, Ally sings a ballad after her husband Jackson, played by Bradley Cooper, kills himself.

However, on the day she found out her best friend and the long-time manager of Haus of Gaga, Sonja Durham, was dying.

Gaga told iTunes: ‘She had been battling cancer for years. Her friend called me and I heard her moaning in the background. They said “She’s not doing well.”‘

Gaga then left the set without telling anyone. Unfortunately, she missed her friend by ten minutes.

She said she ‘laid with her, and her husband and her step-son, with her dogs for a little while.’

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