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Three teens arrested after homophobic mob violently attacks gay couple

Three teens arrested after homophobic mob violently attacks gay couple

Gay couple attacked in DC

Police arrested three teens in connection with an attack on a gay couple in Washington DC.

The Metropolitan Police Department apprehended Marcus Britt, 19, and two juvenile males the night of the assault on Sunday (16 June).

Braden Brecht suffered most of the attack, with boyfriend Karl Craven also getting mugged.

A press release from the police says the accused ‘approached the victim’ on U Street and ‘assaulted the victim’.

gay couple attacked
Karl and Brenden | Photo: GoFundMe

Brecht does not have insurance, so his boyfriend set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses.

He says on the page: ‘My boyfriend and I were walking from Hawthorne’s to Nellie’s on U St (in DC) last night and we stopped to talk for a few minutes.

‘He was leaning against me and a few guys started yelling “faggot” at him and started to swing at him. I twas all a quick blur but the next thing you know there was literally a mob of 15 guys beating him.

‘They came out of nowhere and I was powerless to stop them, all I could do was jump on him to protect him and scream help.

‘I don’t remember how long they kept beating him for. They stole his phone and my wallet. They chipped a major part of his front tooth and he had to get multiple stitches on his lip.

‘He doesn’t have insurance and can’t afford the ER and tooth repair bills.’

So far the page has raised $7000, exceeding its $5000 target.

The three teens arrested have been charged with robbery by force and violence.

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