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Three trans women batter, kick and stamp man ‘after drunken row’ in London

Three trans women batter, kick and stamp man ‘after drunken row’ in London

Trans women attack a man in London | Supplied

Three trans woman and one cis woman have admitted to attacking a man ‘after a drunken row’ in London.

Tylah-Jo Bryan, Tamzin Lush, and Amarnih Lewis-Daniel and mother-of-four Hannah Bryan have admitted to violent disorder.

Video has emerged of the four women attacking a man at London’s Leicester Square tube station.

The attack happened at 2.15am on 24 June.

Trans women and cis woman attack man after ‘drunken row’ 

The four are believed to have fought back after the man shouted a slur at the group. Prosecutors have called it a ‘minor provocation’.

We do not know whether or not the provocation was transphobic in nature.

It is suggested the four were in central London for a Saturday night out when they encountered the man.

Prosecutor Julian Pozimski described it as a heinous attack with ‘severe violence’.

The footage shows the women repeatedly kicking the man in the station.

As the crowd around them shouts ‘fight! fight! fight!’, she continues to stamp around the man’s face.

When the man is still, lying face down on the floor, you can hear a person yell ‘he’s out’.

The man, not named in court, was left with a black eye and cuts.

Admitting to violent disorder

Tylah-Jo and Hannah, both 22, of Dagenham, Tamzin, 27, of Romford, and Amarnih, 22, of Dagenham, all admitted violent disorder.

All four of them live in east London.

Westminster magistrate Kirsty Walker told them: ‘This offence is so serious that we feel it needs to be sent up to the crown court.’

They will be sentenced at Blackfriars crown court at a date yet to be set.

A person guilty of violent disorder faces a fine or a prison sentence of up to six months.

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