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Three-way gay relationship ends in violent death of young man in Mumbai

Three-way gay relationship ends in violent death of young man in Mumbai

Mumbai's Bandra district (Photo: Wikipedia)

Police arrested an Indian man, Dhaval Unadka, in Mumbai on suspicion of murder this week after he allegedly attacked a member of his three-way relationship.

Twenty-five-year-old Parth Raval died after he was allegedly hit in the head with a candlestick by Unadka on Sunday (4 November), according to the Times of India.

Raval, Unadkat, and Mohammed Asif, all 25 years old, entered into a three-way relationship after meeting online, the paper reports.

Unadkat reportedly became upset with Asif after the latter blocked him online.

Unadkat reportedly went to Asif’s house in Bandra in Mumbai on Sunday morning and found him together with Unadkat. A scuffle ensued.

The Times of India reports, citing local police, that Asif alleges that Unadkat then tried to strangle him with a wire.

Raval, therefore, intervened. Unadka then allegedly hit Raval in the head with a candlestick made of iron. The blow fractured his skull.

The alleged victim refused medical treatment

Doctors at Mumbai’s Holy Family Hospital in Bandra diagnosed with Raval with a fractured skull. But, he refused stitches.

Doctors also advised he visit another hospital where advanced technology was available.

But, according to the Times of India, Raval discharged himself at 2 pm.

He died later that evening.

‘Raval asked doctors to treat him using some medicinal gel instead of stitching the wound and took discharge against medical advice,’ senior inspector Girish Anavkar told the newspaper.

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