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Thugs attack gay World Cup fan, in hospital with severe brain injury

Thugs attack gay World Cup fan, in hospital with severe brain injury

Chechnya protest outside of Russian Embassy in London

Thugs have attacked a gay World Cup fan who is now in hospital with a severe brain injury.

A same-sex couple, who had gone to Russia to support France, were beaten in St Petersburg.

The pair were targeted after catching a taxi together, according to Telegram channel Operdrain.

The victim was named as O Davrius, who was taken to hospital.

Doctors discovered he had a brain contusion and open craniocerebral injury, as well as an upper jaw fracture.

The victims’ telephones and money were also taken during the attack.

Two men in their 20s, named as Ismet Gaidarov and Rasul Magomedev, were arrested in connection with the attack.

Earlier today, GSN revealed an interview with an insider at the Russia Football Union. He reveals there is a conspiracy to cover up the murder of a LGBTI person:

Death threats and many warnings about LGBTI safety from officials

Thugs have already threatened to murder LGBTI fans.

Pride in Football – an alliance of LGBTI football fan groups – has had to report death threats to police.

Joe White, Pride in Football’s campaign leader, says the threats are being taken seriously.

‘We’ve had people say that if they find us they’ll stab us. So it’s been a mixture but they’re being dealt with seriously and those investigations are still ongoing,’ he says.

Broadcaster Anton Krasovsky, who lost his career after coming out on TV, has also warned LGBTI fans.

Speaking to HuffPost, he said Moscow is worth visiting because of its underground gay scene.

However, he added: ‘But what I’d also like to tell everyone is: don’t take a stand in public. It’s not safe.’

‘It’s not safe’

Tilda Swinton stands in solidarity with the LGBTI community in Russia

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Be on the Ball guide, has also strongly urged fans to not express they are LGBTI.

It states: ‘There is no reason not to come to the World Cup if you are LGBT+’

Confirming that though ame-sex sexual activity is not illegal in Russia they advise:

‘you do not publicly display your sexuality, but this is up to the individual.’

The guide says the country’s gay propaganda law ‘effectively prohibits public display of LGBT+ rights.’

However, The St Petersburg group Coming Out has set up a safety hotline for any visiting fans who feel threatened.

They said ‘although Russia promises to demonstrate a high level of tolerance and security, foreign football organizations warn LGBT fans that there are no effective laws in Russia that would protect them against potential manifestations of intolerance.’

‘But if you have been refused services for being LGBTI, are attacked or threatened with violence, accused of ‘gay propaganda’, you are welcome to call the hotline.’

Call +7 (953) 170 97 71 or email [email protected]