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Loads of amazing LGBTI people made it on Time’s 100 Most Influential People

Loads of amazing LGBTI people made it on Time’s 100 Most Influential People

There’s heaps of LGBTI people and allies making the cut of this year’s Time’s 100 Most Influential People today (17 April).

Across five categories, queer people and allies dominate them all.

Ariana Grande makes an appearance in the ‘artists’ section. While the lawyers who helped overturn Section 377 in India – thereby legalizing queer sex – are under the ‘pioneers’ category.

For each Time magazine chose a close friend or fan to write a short essay on the individual. Memorializing them and their legacies.

Who made the list?

With an essay written by American writer Janet Mock, non-binary screenwriter behind Pose, Indya Moore, is included.

Mock wrote on Moore: ‘In Indya, I see elements of our foremothers: the beauty of Sir Lady Java and Tracey Africa Norman, the brazenness of Miss Major and Sylvia Rivera, and the indelible warmth and spirit of Marsha P. Johnson.

‘She is the living embodiment of our wildest dreams finally coming true.’

‘A giant step for LGBTQ+ rights’

Indian courts made the landmark judgement last year. Section 377 had long suffocated queer people in its legal strictures, but Arundhati Katju and Menaka Guruswamy changed everything.

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra wrote on the pioneers: ‘Arundhati and Menaka have helped take a giant step for LGBTQ+ rights in the world’s largest democracy.

‘In their committed fight for justice, they have shown us that we as a society must continue to make progress, even after laws are changed, and that we must make an effort to understand, accept and love.’

Sivan on Grande

When one pop star honors the other. Singer Troye Sivan wrote a heart-warming essay on Ariana Grande.

In the piece, he wrote: ‘Through just about the craziest storms and whirlwinds I can imagine, Ariana Grande remains the most real person I’ve met.

‘Wearing her heart on her sleeve and in her work, she oozes those emotions in abundance. Armed with a full comprehension of how the world consumes music today, she is an industry game changer.’

Celion Dion: Gaga for Gaga

‘I love Lady Gaga, and I think she’s got one of the greatest voices in the world,’ wrote Celine Dion, ‘powerful, convincing, passionate and sensitive.’

Lady Gaga appeared under the ‘icons’ list. Dion affirmed this: ‘Whether it’s her unstoppable support for the LGBTQ community, or her anti-bullying campaigning, Lady Gaga’s voice is being heard where it really counts.

‘She will continue to inspire love and freedom around the world, for generations to come.’

From artists to actors, allies make the list 

Also on the list are: gay artist David Hockney, gay actor Rami Malek, the Korean band BTS (Halsey penned an essay on them), and gay producer Ryan Murphy.

Some awesome American allies also appear, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi.

However, also on the roster of influential people. Donald Trump and the Pope, who aren’t always in the LGBTI community’s corner.

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