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WATCH: Man’s sheer joy at opening his brand new fan goes viral

WATCH: Man’s sheer joy at opening his brand new fan goes viral

Timothy David Marko ordered himself a new fan

A video of a gay man opening up a delivery of a new fan is going viral on Facebook.


Because the man, Florida-resident Timothy David Marko II, is just so happy and excited about his new toy.

Watch it on Facebook below to see what we mean (be warned: it contains some not-safe-for-work language)

Following up the Wednesday posting, Marko has had over 100,000 views of the video: numbers that have taken him by surprise.

Yesterday, he posted a follow up message, revealing that he had hesitated for a few weeks before posting the video. He had worried about appearing too camp and flamboyant, but ultimately decided it was best to present himself authentically.

‘Be your beautiful self’

‘I’m so overwhelmed,’ he said.

‘I’ve been holding onto this video for weeks. Sent it to close friends for a good laugh. My tribe. But was afraid to post it on Facebook.

‘Afraid because it revealed too much of my squirrely and flamboyant personality. In fact, in public I tend to tone it all down in fear I lose sex appeal. Scared the cute guy across the bar will just roll his eyes and lose interest. And for some it does. And that’s ok.

‘But wow.

‘If there is anything I have learned today is to let myself shine. Please don’t hold back from being you. Be your beautiful self. Do your best to not worry about how people perceive you. Because in the end, someone is falling in love with your authentic self.

‘I know I just fell in love with me a little more today.’

We did too, Timothy. We did too.

In an email to GSN, Timothy, who is currently working as a massage therapist in Wilton Manors, explained more about why he was so delighted to have found his perfect fan.

‘I had this fan in my car for years. I used to use it to make people laugh in traffic. Especially if they were upset with my driving and wanted to voice it!’ he said.

‘Then I was at my very first music festival with my tribe of friends. It was IIIPoints in Miami and was three days long. I felt so accepted and free to express myself while there.

‘While at the festival I started to develop a style of dancing that incorporated the fan. It gave me added dance flair and kept me cool during the day, standing out as a totem in a crowd when a friend needed to find the tribe – I’m 6’3″ – and hiding my tears when a band touched my soul!

‘By the end of the third day the fan and its plastic spokes finally gave in and broke. I was devastated. Since then I have been to many other festivals and again the fan became part of my personality. So I hunted for the right fan.

‘That’s when I came across this one: stainless steel! The designs were very limited but after careful consideration I found her!’