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Tinder in India now offers 23 gender options

Tinder in India now offers 23 gender options

A screenshot of the new options in India (Photo: provided)

Tinder has introduced 23 gender options to its dating app in India.

Users can now select ‘more’ under the ‘I am’ section of their profile and search through different gender identities.

‘Starting today, no matter how you identify, you can express your authentic self on Tinder’, the company wrote in a blog post this week.

‘Every new person in your life expands your horizons in some way. Inclusion and acceptance drive this expansion, and we want Tinder to reflect the world that surrounds us every day’.

Tinder first rolled out the extended ‘I am’ feature with 37 gender options in the US, UK and Canada in 2016.

But, until this week’s update, Tinder users in India could only identify as man or woman. What’s more, Tinder reportedly banned trans users from the platform.

We haven’t had the right tools to serve our diverse community in the past, but that changes today’ said Tinder.

Hijra and Kothi

The changes made to the app in India were made with consultations of transgender and gender non-conforming Indians, the company said.

These included the Humsafar Trust and LGBTI activist Parmesh Shahani.

The options include local gender identities such as Hijra and Kothi.

In South Asia, Hijra refers to a third gender. Doctors and family members may have assigned Hijra male at birth and live as women. Some also identify as trans or intersex or just as Hijra.

Kothi often refers to an effeminate (in traditional gender roles) acting male in a same-sex relationship.

Trans people in India face widespread discrimination. Two trans women were attacked in the south of the country last week.

In its blog post last week, Tinder also shared details of LGBTI support services available in India.

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